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5 Girls Reveal… What *Really* Turns Them On!!

5 Girls Reveal… What *Really* Turns Them On!!
There are a few things that can get women in the mood and turn them on. Well, it would be so much easier if we could get aroused as easily as men, but it’s different for us! Every girl wants different things...so what are the turn ons for women? Some girls on Quora shared what turns them on and their answers are quite interesting… Here’s what they wrote...

1. Finding a man who does NOT love cricket? Well, good luck!

Anonymous says… “From a physical perspective: 1. Height, height, height! tall guys (above 6 feet) are an instant turn on. 2. Seeing the legs of a guy who’s running on a treadmill or in the park. 3. A nice broad chest/ shoulders. 4. Guys in well-tailored suits, and nice leather shoes. (Seriously no girl is turned on by guys who wear floaters.) 5. Some of you may find it weird, but seeing a guy take off his belt turns me on. From behavior/attitude perspective: 1. Evolved hygiene habits. Like clean hands and clean feet, someone who does not eat with his mouth open. 2. Does not follow every single cricket match or obsess about anything related to it. Seriously I find it very boring. 3. A well read man. 4. And yes, a man who’s not too quick in categorizing women. 5. Someone who is not over romantic, but buys flowers once in a quarter or something. These may sound too rude, but these are true, and many of my female friends also agree to these.” 1 turn ons for women
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2. You will find the right person at the right time! Don’t worry...

Anonymous says… “The biggest turn on for me are the intellectual capabilities of a person. Another one is his sense of humor. Introversion is also kind of attractive. And also humbleness, politeness and kindheartedness. PS: These qualities might look easy to find in a person, but they are extremely difficult to find. Reason I am single till date... :P ” 2 turn ons for women

3. Just simplicity? Well, you’re not asking for too much!

Sakshie says… “I guess simplicity.” 3 turn ons for women

4. Even we would love to be with someone who can sing well...

Anonymous says… “I am an Indian girl. A guy’s smile turns me on. If a guy plays some sport, watching him play turns me on. Watching guys working out turns me on… Self confidence, romantic nature and intelligence turns me on… If a guy know how to play some instrument and can sing well, that is also a turn on. And yeah, sense of humor and good dressing sense are also big turn ons.” 4 turn ons for women
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5. All these qualities in ONE guy? Send us his picture when you find him. *Wink*

Anonymous says… “A guy whose touch makes your day better. A guy whose smile makes you smile. A guy who knows that he means so much more. A guy whose name suddenly seems poetic to you. A guy whose smell you can recognize from even a foot or two. A guy whose words are smarter than yours. A guy who knows how to make you want more. A guy who knows his importance in your life, and yet is humble. A guy who would stand with you in even the slightest troubles. A guy who sees other girls but looks only at you. A guy who knows he can make or break you, but would rather just hold your hands. A guy who knows your worst enemies and your truest friends.
A guy who will know your dreams before you said anything.” 5 turn ons for women You can read the full thread here on Quora. Okay, these were some very interesting answers! GIFs: Tumblr