The Wink That's Driving The Nation Crazy ft. Priya Varrier!

The Wink That's Driving The Nation Crazy ft. Priya Varrier!

These days it doesn't take much to grab eyeballs. You could be just another individual living your life, until you do or say something that triggers the unexpected senses of the internet. Bam! You're the latest viral sensation, overnight!

If you haven't already guessed, we are talking about the latest celebrity to swoop into the limelight thanks to a video that has surfaced on the internet - fondly known as Priya Varrier.

Priya is an 18-year-old actress in the Malayalam film industry who is making her film debut with the movie Oru Adaar Love. Sure, this isn't exactly big news when it comes to every actress ever who's making her way to showbiz, but what caught the internet's attention right away, was her unbelievable cuteness and charm in the music video of the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi, that is now going viral on social media.

While not a lot of news related to regional cinema makes its way to mainstream media (here's looking at you, Jimmiki Kammal), Priya has definitely left her mark on everyone who's watched the video, and people cannot stop gushing over how cute she looks, and even listening to the melodious song on loop, right as Valentine's Day makes its way around the corner.

As is expected of the people on the internet, the memes and reactions have poured in by the dozen, and they're...interesting, to say the least. 

1. Love knows no language, obviously

2. *shakes head disapprovingly*

3. It's called being blessed with South Indian genes, thank you very much

4. Wow, declarations of love didn't take long at all

5. #Fact

Priya Varrier has definitely taken the nation by storm, and there's no stopping the memes either. While declaring her a 'national crush' is quite sweet and that wink is quite a winner, I do hope the fame she gets helps her become immensely successful as an actress. And the internet knows when to stop. Check out the video and the beautiful song that made the actress a viral sensation!

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