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A Live Artist To Paint Your Wedding Scene... What Do You Think About This New Wedding Trend?

A Live Artist To Paint Your Wedding Scene... What Do You Think About This New Wedding Trend?

How about getting a portrait done for the wedding? Have you ever thought of hiring a live artist to paint your wedding scene? Sounds different, right? That's exactly what happened at Monica Mutyala’s reception ceremony. Laksh Sarkar, a US-based illustrator and visual artist was hired to paint the entire occasion live on canvas. The wedding took place at Houston and boy, he did create magic with his brush.

Take a look:


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Some of you must be wondering how these live paintings turned out in the era of selfies. Let's just tell you that nothing beats a pure work of art. Here are a few examples from Laksh's Instagram account and trust us, the paintings look classy and give a completely new texture to the wedding.

The best thing about these paintings is that they don't only include the couple and the guests. They include every small detail of the venue and whatever's going on during the wedding - the ceremony, the first dance, the food.

The trend of live painting has already gathered steam in the west and is slowly becoming a rage at wedding receptions. Yes, it's already a new fad where artists are being hired to bring the couple's best day alive on canvas. However, it's not for everyone. Live painting is only for those who are more inclined towards artsy things.

Indian weddings are about colour and people. The grandeur of an Indian wedding is on a much larger scale than in the west. The groom on a horse, the bride in her colourful clothing, the sangeet, the lights, the rituals, the drama - it's a dream for any artist. In fact, there's so much to cover that the artist might run out of colour and canvases covering the sheer number of festivities! 

So, it's a definite yay for us and if you want to go beyond the obvious and do things differently at your wedding, go for live paintings. 

What do you think of this new trend? Let us know! 

Featured Image: Laksh Sarkar

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