#XOXO2021: Top 10 POPxo Videos That Kept You Distracted From The Horrors Of 2020

#XOXO2021: Top 10 POPxo Videos That Kept You Distracted From The Horrors Of 2020

For a platform that's really passionate about its video content, we really did face some daunting challenges in 2020. For starters, all of us worked from our homes for the major chunk of the year, which meant that our video team was legit scattered and it was almost impossible for us to create video content. However, thanks to the team that persevered and with your incessant support, we did find ways to bring to you exciting video content that kept your mind off the pandemic anxiety.

Yes, we were creating videos from our homes while almost the entire entertainment industry was brought to a screeching halt by the pandemic. However, we take more pride in the fact that you, our audience, appreciated our efforts, supported us through the challenging times, and made our videos a huge success. Thank you fam for all your love. Here's a list of our top ten videos that got the most love from you all in 2020:

#XOXO2021: Top 10 POPxo Videos of 2020

Claim to be a true POPxo Fan? Let's see how many of our top ten videos you managed to watch this year. Here's the list:

Pandemic, Weight Gain, & The Workout Woes

The pandemic really did teach us what it actually means to be a couch potato, right? Well, yes it is kinda tricky to get up and get your ass moving and workout when you have been working from your bed the entire day. We feel you and this video is to show you that you aren't in this alone!

Guess The Bollywood Songs By Their English Translations

We at POPxo are huge Bollywood buffs and given that you are here reading this article we are pretty sure that you know that and you are no different than us. This explains why this video with our team attempting to gues Bollywood songs by their English translations ended up being such a huge hit. 

Types Of People In A Metro

We released this video earlier this year when the lockdown was yet to begin and COVID-19 hadn't turned into such a horror show. With the Delhi metro being a huge part of our lives this was a homage to our everyday rides and we are so glad that all of you could relate. 

Types Of Maggi Lovers

With restaurants effectively shut during the lockdown and the house helps cooking in our kitchens becoming a distant dream, Maggi really did regain its throne as the queen of all snacks (and breakfasts, lunches, dinners too). Quite naturally, you associated with it when we ended up creating a video on the types of maggie lovers. 

First Day In Office

Be it your first day at work, new school, or college, the reality is rarely similar to our expectations of it. We were pretty sure that you'd relate to this video and you sure did! 

POPxo Team's Reactions To PC's Grammy Dress

Okay, don't get us wrong here. We at POPxo love PC and her fashion sense. That said, everyone overdoes it sometimes and well we'd rather die than miss whacky fashion moments. But don't @ us, you and I are a team here 'coz that's exactly why this video turned out to be such a hit. 

The Brahmastra!!!

Ever heard "Bra strap dikh rahi hai" and glared back at them with rage? Well, if you answer that with a "yes" then this is video is for you, like literally!

Stuck In The Elevator With Your Mom & Boyfriend

Can you imagine being stuck with your mom and boyfriend in an elevator? Quite a hair-raising thought we know. This video shows both the upside and downside of the narrative and we are sure you'd love it (in case you haven't watched it already). 

First Day In College

Remember your first day in college? Well, this video will help you with a happy reminder and also some laughs. 

Lies We Tell Our Parents

Most of us have lied to our family sometime at some time or the other, right? Well, you are lying right now if you answer that with a "no." But no worries because it is these chota chota lies that unite us all. Seriously, check out this video and you'd understand.

Thank you for all your love and support fam!

Featured Image: POPxo