This Couple Celebrated Their *Miracle* Pregnancy In The Most EPIC Way Ever!

This Couple Celebrated Their *Miracle* Pregnancy In The Most EPIC Way Ever!

Finding out that you're pregnant can be one of the most overwhelming moments of your life. And when you are certain that you can't conceive naturally, it becomes even more special. So when Amanda Diesen and her boyfriend Todd Krieg (who was paralyzed from the chest below after a dirt bike incident in 2014) found out that they're expecting their first child, they both decided to break the news in the most epic way ever.


Diesen, 25, and Krieg, 23 were told that they may not be able to conceive without medical help. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. To announce the happy news, the couple hired a professional photographer, Kayla Duffin and posed against a brick wall with the phrase 'It still works!' written on it.


In an interview with PEOPLE, the couple said that they wanted a family. But they always planned to get married and then save up to have a baby. Diesen reveals:

“We thought we’d need to look into devices or doctor visits or maybe even IVF. We definitely didn’t think it would happen naturally!"

This news came as a complete surprise to the couple. 


However, that's not the only special thing about this shoot. Kreig even proposed to Dieson during the pregnancy photoshoot! Aww, isn't that just adorable?


Coming back to the fun shoot, Diesen revealed:

"It was great, we’re so goofy, and we wanted something to portray our relationship. I had looked a ton on Pinterest, but there aren’t a lot of ideas for those in a wheelchair. I stumbled across one where a dad was holding a sign that said ‘I did that,’ so it gave me the idea to write, ‘It still works'."


Kreig and Diesen met back in September 2015 at Project Walk, a paralysis centre in Carlsbad, California where Diesen was working as a recovery specialist. And of course, the rest is history!


About their relationship, Diesen reveals:

"I was first drawn to Todd’s good looks! I thought he was a total babe. I’m also drawn to his sense of humour, and ability to put on a happy face despite the struggles and the huge life-changing event he has endured.”

She adds:

"Love is sacrifice and selflessness, and I’m thankful Todd has shown me that.”  

Aww... Isn't Todd and Diesen's love story adorable?

Images: Kayla Duffin Photography