'To All The Boys 3' Trailer Is Now Out & NGL, 2021 Is Definitely Showing Some Promise

'To All The Boys 3' Trailer Is Now Out & NGL, 2021 Is Definitely Showing Some Promise

"Hello from Korea!" Oh no, not me. That's what you hear Lara Jean Covey saying in the To All the Boys: Always And Forever trailer that just dropped on Netflix! Yesssss fam, it's happening. The final installment of the love story is all set to release this February 12, the trailer looks every bit promising, and let's just say that all our Valentine's Day plans look pretty much sorted! 

In the brand-new trailer, Lara Jean is shown hitting a precipice, as she contemplates a future where she needs to choose between going to Stanford with Noah and a life of her dreams. Is going to college with Noah what she really wants? Can they do long distance? These are some of the questions that she navigates through the film and we are here for all the intense drama. 

Amid this dilemma, as Lara Jean and Noah enter the final year as well as the Final Chapter there is so much to look forward to. There's prom, there's college, and of course, all the Lara-Noah moments that we never get tired of! 

But wait till you hear about what's exciting us the most: Lara Jean's trips to Korea and New York. After all, a little bit of vicarious travelling never harmed anyone in pandemic times! Hear this you all: Irrespective of who you are, where you live, and what you do: we can all do with a little bit of heartfelt romance at this point in our lives and To All the Boys: Always and Forever trailer is the perfect way to do it.

"It's hard to believe what all started with a letter, a hot tub, and a diner could turn into this," Lara Jean says in the trailer's voiceover. And well, same girl same! Why can't it be February 12 already!

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