Dear Bride, 13 Super Cool Things Sonam Kapoor Did At Her Wedding That You Should Too!

Dear Bride, 13 Super Cool Things Sonam Kapoor Did At Her Wedding That You Should Too!

Sonam Kapoor finally became Mrs. Ahuja yesterday (May 8). Her beautiful wedding ceremony was held according to Sikh wedding rituals in Mumbai and was followed by a star-studded reception. The wedding was preceded by a ghar ka mehendi function and then a formal mehendi function which saw a lot of her industry friends in attendance. Well, we are completely smitten by Sonam ki shaadi and here are some things we want all 2018 brides to take cue from.

1. Sonam wore a traditional red lehenga...

sonam bridal look 2

Brides these days are aiming for unique lehenga colours like pastels, midnight blue, emerald green and what not! But Sonam in her beautiful red lehenga just proved why red will always be the perfect colour for a bridal outfit.

2. She decided to have a simple ghar ka function for her mehendi...

Yes, before the star-studded mehendi function that saw quite a few celebrities in attendance, Sonam decided to have a mehendi function for only her closest friends and family members. It was a typical Punjabi function, held at their Juhu residence, complete with fairy lights and genda phool decorations and a lot of happy, excited faces.

3. Leaving behind fancy destinations and venues, Sonam got married at her aunt's bungalow instead!

It was not just any bungalow, it is a heritage property that goes by the name Rockdale located in one of the poshest areas of Mumbai, Bandra Bandstand. By picking this place for her Anand Karaj, Sona proved that it's all about celebrating your special day with your loved ones, and not about where you celebrate it.

4. We loved her customised kaliras...

Sonam got customised kaliras made by celebrity jewellery designer, Mrinalini Chandra. They were truly exquisite, carved with peacock motifs and we just loved them!

5. Not to forget her customised Jimmy Choos...

sonam kapoor customized jimmy choo

One amazing thing about Sonam's wedding was that she knew what mattered and so she spent a lot of energy on getting those things right. Apart from her kaliras, she also got her bridal footwear customised by Jimmy Choo. It said A ♡ S in golden letters on the sole and it was the cutest thing we've ever seen!

6. She picked a relatively less famous designer to design her wedding outfit...

Anuradha Vakil was the woman who made Sonam look like a royal princess on her wedding day. The red lehenga was exquisitely done. In fact, even the beautiful pastel suit that Sonam wore on her mehendi function was an Anuradha Vakil creation. Sonam shows us that it's all about the designer's skill and finesse, it doesn't really matter how famous they are.

7. Sonam kept her makeup minimal throughout all the events...

Not once did she go OTT with her makeup. The credit here also goes to her makeup artist, Namrata Soni for making Sona look ethereal on all the functions.

8. We still can't get over the fact that she wore chappals at her mehendi function!

Well, coz comfort comes first, especially when you're the bride. We loved how she wore Nike slippers with her suit at her mehendi function. Some bride goals this one has set!

9. Sonam picked her mom's maangtika and wore that on her mehendi...

We cannot stress the fact enough, but when a girl wears her mom's jewellery or outfits at her wedding, it makes her mother feel really special. And Sonam, just like every amazing daughter, picked her mom's maangtika as an heirloom for her mehendi look. So adorable!

10. Totes crushing on her mehendi hairstyle!


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Yep, the gorgeous braid with an entwined gajra looked so unique and refreshing!

11. Sonam gave away juttis as mehendi favours... how cool is that!

So, so damn cool! Mehendi favours are a fairly new concept that is quickly gathering pace with desi shaadis. So keeping up with the new trend, Sonam gave away some beautiful Fizzy Goblet juttis that were specially designed for her mehendi ceremony. That is a great idea, and your guests will love it!

12. She gave up blingy outfits at her reception and wore a chevron pattern lehenga instead...

She had had her share of bling and heavy, overbearing outfits. So, she decided to give that a miss and just enjoy her reception night in a simple chevron print Anamika Khanna lehenga. Giving his new bride company, Anand paired Nike sneakers with his sherwani which was so cool!

13. She was herself throughout the wedding and not a celebrity - a bubbly, chirpy girl who was super excited to get married!


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These videos are enough proof of that! Sonam enjoyed her wedding just as much as her guests did, maybe even more! And isn't that what matters?!

We hope all you soon-to-be brides have taken all the cues you need from this gorgeous wedding and will put them to good use on your big day. 

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