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Forget Pani, 10 Times We Were All Over Ayushmann Da Rang For His Macho Style

Forget Pani, 10 Times We Were All Over Ayushmann Da Rang For His Macho Style

Ayushmann Khurrana is the perfect man. He's the actor who can make us laugh our hearts out and cry the next minute. He's an excellent father of two. And his adorable love story is like a movie in itself. But there's another thing Vicky Donor excels at. No, not that, you guys! His style sense and the ability to pull off all kinds of fashion trends is worth acknowledging. That's what we're going to do on this day of his 34th birthday.

Here are top 10 looks of Ayushmann that every woman loves and every man needs to try. 

1. How To Wear Joggers Outside The Gym #101

2. When He Taught Us The Importance Of Statement Pieces Like That Jacket

3. The Non-Boring College Look For The New Semester

4. When His Kurta Was As Poetic As Him (Side Note: Men Wear Angrakhas Too)

5. The Outfit That Can Turn Your First Date Into A Second

6. Throw A Trench Over Your Basics To Look Like A Model (When You Ain't One)

7. When He Made A Polo T-shirt Look Anything But Basic

8. When You've To Meet The Boys Right After Work

9. How To Stylishly Wear The Kurta Your Mom Bought You

10. When You Want To Surprise Her By Wearing The Latest Trends, Denim Is The Way To Go

So what if you can't afford Isha Bhansali, you can take inspiration from the celebrity stylist. Liked what you saw, hun? Find all the details in the captions above for a fashionable year ahead. Anyway, most of his outfits are perfect for the winter. 

Happy birthday, Ayushmann! Can't wait to watch your upcoming film, Badhai Ho, in theatres on 19th October.

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