7 Times Taapsee Pannu Proved She's Brilliant & Badass!

 7 Times Taapsee Pannu Proved She's Brilliant & Badass!

From choosing cult films like Baby and Naam Shabana to shutting down trolls, Taapsee Pannu has entered Bollywood as a breath of fresh air. In the times when most B-town actresses are sticking to one genre of the films (mostly commercial), Taapsee is experimenting with different roles. The versatile actress might have aced the strong roles with her girl-next-door looks in hard-hitting films, but she knew just how to look as gorgeous in Judwaa 2. She was also brave enough to appear on MTV's Troll Police show to confront her troller.

The 31-year-old Mulk actress, who is celebrating her birthday today, is not only brilliant with her movie choices, but is also a badass with her approach. She's a real-life fighter and here are a few times she showed us her bindass badass avatar!   

1. First thing first, Taapsee's film choices have always impressed us!

We love how Taapsee's roles are about a fighter with real-life problems including her upcoming film Mulk

1 taapsee pannu in naam shabana

2. Did you know she was once called 'bad luck' by the film makers?

Taapsee's Bollywood career started with a flop and soon after, everyone started blaming her for the failure of the film. But Taapsee handled the situation by giving a fitting reply to everyone. She said, "Three of the films I worked in didn't work and I got the label of 'iron leg' - I was 'rumoured' to bring bad luck to the films. Mind you, all of these films had huge male co-stars and directors, but the failure of movies was blamed upon my bad luck. Thereafter, I've been asked to reduce my pay, I've been thrown out of films because the producer was having financial issues."

Did that stop her from working hard on her roles? Hell, no!

3. Remember the time she gave a perfect response to public harassment!

Not just a strong girl in her movies, Taapsee is a supporter of justice in real-life as well. Once in her interview, she spoke about an incident in her life, "Just a few weeks ago, I was going to a keertan in Delhi where in the middle of the crowd I felt a guy trying to poke me from behind. I didn't even turn to take a look at him, I grabbed his finger and twisted it so hard that he winced in pain."

4. She's a boss at shutting down the trollers

After Taapsee flaunted her gorgeous bikini bod on Twitter for the promotions of Judwaa 2, a troller commented in Hindi that she didn't even bother to dress herself up with the bare minimum, and also advised to take it off and also sarcastically typed that her brother would be so proud to see her avatar.

taapsee pannu's troller on twitter

To which, this is how Taapsee responded.

taapsee pannu's reply to her troller on twitter  

5. She's all for equal pay!

Bollywood pays less to women as compared to the men. And much like other talented actresses like Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu is ready to fight for her right. "Actors have refused to work with me in Bollywood because I'm not an 'A-list actress'. Producers have finalised me and locked my dates and then randomly backed out at the last minute because they got a bigger name. Expecting equal pay is far off, even the basic amount is something I have to fight for - but I'm not complaining," she says. 

6. She's the HERO of the story! 

Taapsee sees herself as less like a heroine and more like a hero. In an interview, she revealed, "Truth is, I'm less heroine and more the 'hero' in my story and for some that's a bitter pill to swallow. But then, that's tough...because I'm not going anywhere."   

7. Did you know that she's fitness freak, sports enthusiast and a biker girl?

She trained in martial arts and Krav Maga, she love racquet sports including badminton and tennis. She enjoys biking and is the first Bollywood actress to become a face of a motorcycle selling brand.  

7 taapsee pannu in naam shabana

Kudos to the birthday girl for being such an awesome-blossom. More power to you, Taapsee!

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