#RowlingIsOurQueen: 10 Times JK Rowling Did Magic On Twitter With Her Words

#RowlingIsOurQueen: 10 Times JK Rowling Did Magic On Twitter With Her Words

The queen of writing, JK Rowling turns 53 today and the first thing that comes to mind, apart from her Harry Potter magic, is her Twitter account. As you can probably tell, I grew up a Potterhead and it has been a pleasure to witness the growth of my favourite childhood author into a fine adulthood hero with riddikulus twitter skills. Here are some fine tweets that are examples of this Harry Potter author's charm. 

1. Drumroll Please!

2. When This Happened 

jk rowling tweet

3. Ouch, Bet You Thought She'd Never Read It 

4. Stop Disappointing Your Mother, Dean!

jk rowling tweet 02

5. Even JK Rowling Has Writers Block? 

6. Always Responsible, Never Not Sassy

jk rowling tweet 03

7. Her Political Opinions Are Worth A Round Of Applause 

8. Clearly, She Isn't A Fan Of Trump

9. And Has Strong Opinions About Brexit 

10. Sigh, The British Humour 

Image - Voolas 

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