10 Times We Wished Chuck Bass Was Our Boyfriend!

10 Times We Wished Chuck Bass Was Our Boyfriend!

Gossip Girl just completed 10 years, YAY! And guess who is the first person I thought of? Chuck Bass. The bad boy we all loved to hate in the beginning, but eventually he turned into the only safe, reliable and sane boy in the show, sorry, MAN in the show. From his voice to his hair, to his undying love for Blair Waldorf, the Yin to his Yang, everything about this character left us swooning. Plus, the fact that it was played so naturally by Ed Westwick did not help our hearts! He gave me unrealistic relationship goals, so here are 10 times Charles Bartholomew aka Chuck Bass was absolutely bae!

1. When The Confidence He Oozed Made Him So Sexy

1 Chuck Bass

2. Even When He Was A Mother-Chucker!

2 chuck bass

3. When He Had An Undying Love For Purple And It Made Him Look Irresistible!

3 Chuck Bass

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4. Everytime He Looked Out For Blair, In His Own Twisted Way!

4 chuck bass

5. Even If He Was Satan’s Spawn, He Definitely Had A Heart Of Gold

5 Chuck Bass

6. Emotional & Vulnerable, Don’t You Just Want To Fix Him?

6 Chuck bass

7. He Never Let Blair Forget That She Was His Driving Force!

7 Chuck bass

8. Their Love Story Went Down In History

8 Chuck bass

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9. Romeo Who? Chuck Bass Did It Better.

9 Chuck Bass

10. When He Became The Amazing Father He Had Always Needed!

10 Chuck Bass

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