35 Honest Thoughts I Had While Watching Padmaavat!

35 Honest Thoughts I Had While Watching Padmaavat!

Thanks to my job, I got the chance to watch Padmaavat on the day of its release. Was that a wise thing to do? I’m not so sure anymore. Because as picturesque as the movie was, there were elements that caught my attention and elements that just fell through. Hence, I decided to document this long and slightly painful journey of watching Padmaavat for the first time.

1. That’s a LONG disclaimer. Clearly, a lot of explanation was due and Bhansali left no stone unturned in clearing his name.

2. Ranveer Singh you absolute rockstar, aren’t you just the best. ‘Allah ki banayi har nayaab cheez par bass Alauddin ka haq hai!’ YAAASSS.

3. Aditi Rao Hydari is playing Khilji’s wife and is hands down, drop dead gorgeous!

4. And well, so is Deepika. This movie isn’t gonna be good for my self-esteem.

04 padmaavat

5. Padmavati shot an arrow at him, she shot Shahid. That’s how they meet. Wow.

6. His previous wife is materialistic and he’s looking for pearls in Padmavati’s kingdom. Sounds legit.

7. Maharaja Ratan aka Shahid Kapoor is a married man flirting. My favourite thing to watch.

8. Padmavati just hurt him again. So he doesn’t leave her. How dysfunctional is this relationship!?

08 padmaavat

9. And he proposes to that! They’re married now. My head is spinning.

10. First wife. Meet second wife. You asked for pearls. You got Padmavati with them.

11. This feels like a very fancy history lesson. Way more beautiful than an average one.

12. Khilji is Ranveer, Ranveer is Khilji, that piercing gaze could melt anyone. And damn, that background score. This man truly knows how to own a character.

12 padmaavat

13. The first wife judgementally glaring at Padmavati during ghoomar is EVERY ex-girlfriend ever!

14. Is the entire movie going to sound like poetry?

15. Khilji picks up Princesses of defeated kingdoms and turns them into actual objects. This man is a twisted creative monster. Okay, we’ve established that.

16. Malik Kafur aka Jim Sarbh aka Khilji’s slave might be the hottest thing in this movie.

16 padmaavat

17. Khilji and him make the perfect couple. I’m shipping them. One hundred percent.

18. Khilji wants Padmavati, finally! Took him long enough.

19. What is with these men not being happy with the first wives that they already have?

20. Ranveer Singh has beautiful hair. Sigh.

20 padmaavat

21. Khilji and Kafur - still a better love story than Twilight.

22. Why does this movie remind me of Game Of Thrones...

23. Spoiler alert - Kafur and Khilji have a long love song. I’m loving this more than I should.

24. Why does every scene with Maharaja Ratan and Padmavati turn sexual?

24 padmaavat

25. Khilji’s reaction on seeing Padmavati for the first time will leave you with goosebumps.

26. This story is hurting my feminist heart.

27. We’d rather die than let our bahu go out of the house. YAY.

28. The generals think Padmavati saving her husband is a question on their manliness.

28 padmaavat

29. Padmavati perpetually has tears in her eyes.

30. She travels light. Only with her 800 dasis.

31. Ratan’s male ego is the largest prop in this movie.

32. 'Kitne ache ho tum. Kitne ache hain tumhare usool.' But everything is fair in love and war, Khilji’s words of wisdom.

32 padmaavat

33. Aditi Rao (first wife) sees through Khilji’s obsession and tries to save him. But pardon me for not looking past how absolutely gorgeous she looks.

34. This constant back and forth from Delhi and Chittor looks exhausting, I Googled it. It would take them 5 days one way.

35. Padmavati asks for Ratan’s permission to kill herself. *Facepalm*

35 padmaavat

As much as I find the concept of Sati super messed up. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s theatrical display of it will leave you dry-mouthed and in awe of Padmavati and Khilji.

So there’s that, my honest and unbiased reaction through the movie. It was like watching a painting come to life. But Ranveer Singh was the only character who caught my eye, his madness is what makes this movie a bearable watch.

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