5 Girls Share The Thoughts They Have While Hugging *Him*

5 Girls Share The Thoughts They Have While Hugging *Him*
You know you’re head over heels in love with someone when you can’t wait to see him and hug him tightly. We can say that from those many sweet moments that we spend with the love of our life, hugging them is our favourite. But what are the thoughts that go on in a girl’s mind while she hugs her boyfriend? Some girls on Quora shared what they think about when they are in their boyfriend’s arms. Here’s what they *really* think..

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1. ‘Man, he smells so fresh.’ - And that amazing moment when your clothes start smelling like him! Is there anything better? No right?

Isha Sharma says... Any girl would think of the following while hugging a guy: 1. Oh my, I need to stand on my toes. He is too tall. 2. Man, he smells so fresh. 3. Should I be gentle? Or I should hug him tight? Fine, now that I am not sure, I’ll reciprocate! 4. What am I supposed to do with my hands? Should I run my fingers through his hair? Or keep my hand on his nape? Or on his back? Oh, this is exhausting! 5. Is now the time to move away? Because I don't want to. 6. How am I smelling? I guess I forgot to put my perfume. Damn! 7. What must he be thinking? And when it’s her love, she just wants to live in that very moment. Because that’s when she has her world right in her arms. 1 thoughts while hugging a guy

2. ‘God! Please stop time.’ - The place where time stands still… His arms!

Jill Kar says… Well, I can't say about girls in general, but I can say what I think. Hugging the crush/ boyfriend: 1. Wow! Wow! Wow! God! Please stop time. Oh wait, keep hugging me! 2. Ah! His arms feel so great around me. Finally, I feel fine… 3. His chest is so tough. Hot. Hot. Hot. 4. He smells great! Imma bury my face in here.

3. ‘I want to give a neck kiss.’ - And THAT is so hard to resist!!

Ashwani Mahour says… While hugging a boyfriend or crush or the guy I like... 1. Oh, my! His shoulders and chest. 2. Don't un-hug. Please. 3. Should I un-hug now or should I keep it like that for some time? 4. I'm in safe arms now. *Stay like that* 5. I can feel his breath on my neck. 6. You're the best. (If hug's warm and ecstatic) 7. Boy, where should I put my palms? Ah, on the shoulders. 8. Oh, I can feel your heartbeat. 9. Ah, I am feeling infinite again! 10. Oh, God. I want to give a neck kiss. 11. Boy, his skin…is nice. 12. He's too tall. I need to stand on my toes. 13. Oh, my God! The fragrance! Mmm. 14. Finally! *sigh* I literally get an ecstatic feeling while hugging. 3 thoughts while hugging a guy

4. ‘Hug me tighter…’ - Well, that is the first thought. Right, girls?

Leena Roy says… Whenever I hug a guy, only one thing goes on my mind (I am not generalising)... ‘Hug me tight… Tighter… Tighter!!’ It feels so safe!

5. ‘My boobs are against his chest, is he loving it too?’ - We’re pretty sure he loves it!

Anonymous says… if the guy is my boyfriend: 1. Ahh, this is the best feeling in the world, probably the safest place too. 2. I’m loving how he wraps me up so beautifully, sometimes like i’m his child. 3. Does my hair smell fine, my boobs are against his chest, is he loving it too? 4. He can hug me way tighter than I can imagine. 5. His hug fixes everything. 6. This is cute. Bottom line: We love hugs, in some cases even more than kisses and other intimate gestures!! 5 thoughts while hugging a guy You can read the full thread here on Quora. That was so relatable! What are the thoughts that go on in your head while you hug your guy? GIFs: Tumblr