26 Thoughts We Had While Watching Qayamat Ki Raat's First Episode

26 Thoughts We Had While Watching Qayamat Ki Raat's First Episode

Ekta Kapoor's horror show is here, Qayamant Ki Raat. And though you may scrunch your eyebrows at it in the beginning, I was quite excited to watch what this woman had in store. She has been the mind behind many cult TV shows that we couldn't forget if we wanted to. So after watching the trailer, I was prepared for whatever came next. 


Here are the thoughts I had while watching the first episode of this show. 

1. This is so strange, why does a horror show begin with the Gayatri Mantra?

Am I supposed to start questioning God now? 

2. So creepy, I'm eerily waiting for something terrible to happen. 

5 minutes down, forever to go. 

3. The special effects are here, Ekta Kapoor style. 

Knew she couldn't keep it in for too long. 

4. The 'shaintan' statue is too westernised to fit into this show. 

Stands out like a sore thumb. 

5. The train, station, city is perpetually empty. 

Does nobody live in Ram-nam-garh?

6. 'Woh tumhara intazaar kar raha hai..."

Never gets old, does it?

7. The couple is about to be sacrificed by an evil tantrik 

And my only worry is that the poor girl is still in her wedding outfit. Did nobody offer her a lighter pair of clothes?

8. This guy seems exceptionally confident about the normalcy of his situation 

And she is paranoid AF, rightly so. 

qayamat ki raat 01

9. She fell into his cave... 

Maybe she didn't have all that heavy jewellery on. 

10. Is this some twisted love story? 

The tantrik loves her, what?

11. This show should have a trigger warning. 

Indian TV shows need to start looking into this. 

12. I'm not instantly put off by the show

But who wrote these dialogues? 


They just made it out of a life and death situation and he wants to get dirty?

14. Oh.... shit. 

You'll see. 

15. Not a dull moment, 20 minutes to go. 

Let's be honest, I wasn't expecting this. 

16. There you go, Ekta Kapoor.  

You should have hired a better photoshop expert. 

qayamat ki raat 02

17. This show is making me dizzy 

Too loud, too squeaky. 

18. The next story has begun, right in the middle of the episode. 

Her new birth, if I may. 

19. Okay, I may be wrong, not the next birth. 

But the next generation. 

20. Who is this new mom?! 

This definitely has the Ekta Kapoor touch of confusing family members. 

21. This man has been too confident right from the start. 

And look where it has gotten us, he's a father now. 

22. The tantrik is back! 

He gets back together better than Deadpool. 

23. The two sisters are marrying the two brothers, and their parents witnessed the Qayamat Ki Raat

The boys are spoiled players because Ekta Kapoor loves stereotypes

24. Are all men named Raj complete assholes? 

Also, that's called harassment, you pig. 

qayamat ki raat 03

25. Karishma Tanna's outfits are beautiful. 

Just a side note. 

26. 10 minutes to go and I've finally reached my threshold. 

I'm done. 

You can try your luck and watch the first episode on Hotstar. But before you make that decision, here is the trailer.

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