34 Random Thoughts I Had While Watching Veere Di Wedding

34 Random Thoughts I Had While Watching Veere Di Wedding

To be honest, I've been waiting for this movie ever since the poster came out months ago. Why? Because girls deserve their own version of Dil Chahta Hai too. And thank god for this movie. I'm not going to fangirl because this is a serious review. But who am I kidding? This movie is everything I didn't know I needed. It's funny, honest and unapologetic. Women aren't perfect, they aren't the same and they definitely aren't ghareelu. Veere Di Wedding is everything your girl gang needs to feel ‘normal’. 

1. I miss school, the opening scene is making me nostalgic. 

2. These kids look so much like the older actresses they play. Good call in the casting. 

3. I already love this movie

4. Where are my girlfriends? I miss my friends, where are my BFFs? 

5. Sumeet Vyas's proposal sounds like a breakup. Lol. 

6. Kareena has a nervous tick. I called it!

7. Shikha married an American and he doesn’t understand a word, she swears at him a lot. Love it. This is the kind of marriage I need. 

8. Swara stumbling home early in the morning drunk and plastered is my spirit animal.

9. This movie is keeping me on my toes. So much to concentrate on. Not a single dull moment. 

veere di wedding 01

10. I’m gonna cry, my BFF is getting married and this is exactly how I feel. 

11. Aarti and a gold set at the airport. Wow.

12. We have another Janice ladies and gentlemen. Watch the movie for this laugh. 

13. Everyone’s rooms and faces are so perfect. Really high expectations guys. 

14. Shikha's son in the movie is so cute!

15. South Delhi getting married into West Delhi, we've all been there. 

16. Why is everyone so overwhelming? I’m getting second-hand embarrassment.

17. Can I get a bedazzled hip flask too?

18. Kareena Kapoor's hypothetical situations and visions are hilarious.

veere di wedding 02

19. No songs yet. Only background music. Yes, I like it. 

20. Kareena’s hair is so distracting. So beautiful.

21. Sonam’s mom is a bitch. Thank god for my mother.

22. Do Sumeet Vyas and Kareena Kapoor not get a second alone?

23. Hanji mumma! Watch out for this recurring dialogue. 

24. Nirmal (motherlover) needs to get hard. Just putting that out there. 

25. White dude at a Punjabi wedding is priceless.

26. I need these friends. Actually I have these friends. Brb. Calling them.

27. Broken homes don’t always have fucked up kids. Guys no.

28. So he’s just gonna let her go??? Don’t let her godammit. I hate understanding boys.

veere di wedding 04

29. Thank god her friends are mad at her. Kareena needs a reality check.

20. Oh god I really hate Sonam's mom.

21. Money does buy you happiness. Hello Phuket.

22. This is true friendship. You forgive without an apology.

23. He walked in on her technically... not cheating.

24. Mother dairy is not having sex. Obviously.

25. Real women with real problems. I didn’t know I needed this movie.

26. Through better or worse. This movie gets the concept of love.

27. I can’t say anything more without disclosing the plot.

veere di wedding 03

28. How can you be sad and have such perfect makeup?

29. Gay chachu is my favourite character.

30. Finally, a man who isn’t telling her what to do. You’ll make the right decision, thank you.

31. She looks... different as a bride. I'm not a fan of this lehenga. 

32. Yellow lehengas are going to be everywhere now.

33. Firang men can be good husbands. Lesson learnt.

34. Can I have this wedding? Please. So beautiful.

That's all folks! Go book your tickets for the movie ASAP and thank me later. 

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