10 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching The Last Episode Of Bepannah

10 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching The Last Episode Of Bepannah

This romantic mystery was the first of its kind when it made its way to Indian television on 19th March 2018. Zoya played by Jennifer Winget and Aditya played by Harshad Chopda meet because their respective partners die in a car crash together and they think they were having an affair. But what is the truth? We're well aware that the affair was indeed real, and that Aditya's wife was pregnant with Zoya's husband's baby. Phew. We also know that there have been a handful of murders, Zoya and Aditya got married and in a strange way... everything worked out. 

Before I share the thoughts I had while watching the last episode of this show, I'll answer the big fat question that has been bothering us all. Why would the makers end a show that was doing so well in terms of TRP and had a great cast everyone adored? Well, after a bit of research, I found out that Bepannah was originally meant to be a finite series, slated to end much sooner but got extended due to the increasing fan base. But it looks like the makers have had enough and are ending the show after 186 episodes! The final episode titled, 'Truth is finally out!' left me with mixed emotions, here are the thoughts I had while watching it. 




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1. Rajveer's grandmother just confessed to killing Aditya's father along with her grandson and what does she get? Forgiveness! The law seems to be a mere accessory in this show. 

2. Aditya and Zoya have somehow found time to romance in the police station. The sexual tension is making me uncomfortable. 

3. On second thought, they do look pretty cute together. Loving Aditya's pink suit, you need real swag to carry it off. 

4. Aditya's mother tried to kill herself and Aditya and Zoya found time to steal a few kisses in the medicine room. Outrageous. 

5. BTW no hospital in this world will send a patient or their relatives to 'look' for medicines in a storage facility. 

6. Aditya's mother gained consciousness, ran away from her room to the roof and threatened to kill herself again. WTF!

7. She's standing on the ledge, threatening suicide and just confessed to three murders. Including that of Zoya's ex-husband, Aditya's ex-wife and their unborn baby. Way to put on a show. 

8. Thank god the police arrested this murderer. Notice how I said 'this'? Because there happen to be a truckload of them on this show.

9. Zoya and Aditya are glued to each other once again. Sheesh, get a room. 

10. All is well that ends well... at least better than most Ekta Kapoor TV shows. 

We aren't the only ones sad to watch this show end, the lead actress, Jennifer Winget also shared an Instagram post bidding goodbye to her favourite show. 




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All good things come to an end and so the curtains will soon fall on our beloved, Bepannaah, you cant help but feel sad together with all fans of the show. The last thing we want is to disappoint you but certain journeys are best short therefore even more meaningful and fulfilling. Bepannaah has left its own special trail and as it gears to close, i stand with gratitude for a stellar star cast @harshad_chopda @namita_dubey @rajesh_khattar @sehban_azim @vaishnavidhanraj @shweta.shwets @apurvaagnihotri02 @shehzadss @iqbal.azad @aaryaasharma @aanchalgoswami55 @parineetaborthakur @mallika453 @itstahershabbir and the crazy times we’ve shared on set and for the opportunity to be your Zoya! Time really flies by but the love that our fans have bestowed on us has been tremendous all through and overwhelming to say the least. Rest assured, I will be back after a short break with something new and even more exciting so humbly request that you respect that a new beginning follows after every ending. Stay tuned for an all new avataar of your’s truly. Finally, @aniruddha.rajderkar @naihal.bagora you guys created a gem of show and this is just the beginning. Ishq ke imtihaan aur bhi baaki hai !:) Thank you Cinevista, my home away from home. Thank you for always trusting me blindly and having faith in me. This is bittersweet, but my heart will always belong here. #Bepannaah ❤️

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Hopefully, we'll get to see her on the TV screen soon enough.

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