20 Thoughts I Had While Watching The First Episode Of Sanjivani 2

20 Thoughts I Had While Watching The First Episode Of Sanjivani 2

Sanjivani, the show that opened the doors for medical dramas in India is back again, 14 years later! While the show has retained some characters from its original series, we sure are hoping that it isn't a Kasautii Zindagii Kay style remake that'll leave us disappointed. The Sanjivani franchise has already had a second instalment in the past, Dill Mill Gayye which featured iconic characters like Armaan Malik and Riddhima Gupta. However, that show was more of a love story than a medical drama and was followed by an unsuccessful second season.

But since the launch of Sanjivani 2's trailer, fans are excited about a more concrete storyline, hoping it will follow the pattern of the first of its name. The lead pair of doctors for this season will be played by Surbhi Chandna of Ishqbaaz fame and Namit Khanna who was last seen in the TV show Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai

Here are the thoughts I had as I sat down to watch the first episode of Sanjivani 2, which will be airing on television tonight.

1. Disclaimer! The first scene of the show featured a thaka hua fuckboy who we'll all be expected to find 'lovable' in a few episodes. 

2. He saw a kid drowning in her reflectors? Also, he is aptly called 'Sid.' That name is the Rahul, Raj and Prem of our generation. 

3. So our man Sid said 'duty calls' and jumped into the lake. Is he a doctor or a lifeguard? 

4. Literally, everyone around the little kid he saved is asking for a doctor and Sid just jabs a knife into the kid's throat without telling anyone he is a doctor?

5. I can't even write down my thoughts because I'm too busy laughing. Did the writer of Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon write this show? It's so dramatic! 

6. Everything Sid says sounds like a lecture in philosophy from a narcissistic. 

7. Who calls each other names and fights in the hospital corridor? 

8. Two girls have entered the frame and one is Haryanvi for 'diversity' and the other is just plain annoying. 

9. Ishaani doesn't have a last name and stares into space like That's So Raven every time you ask her for it.  

10. Finally a familiar face I love! Dr. Shashank is here and he is probably dying. 


11. Rohit Roy is also a part of this show, and he is definitely the bad guy. It's the polaroid glasses and airpods, guys. 

12. Ahhh, it makes sense now. Dr. Shashank aka Mohnish Bahl is a do-gooder and likes helping patients who can't pay for their treatment along with Dr. Sid. However, Rohit Roy loves money and wants to commercialise the hospital. That's it, that's the entire show. 

13. There is one more villain? Come on! I can barely keep up with all the characters this show is throwing at me. Who is Dr. Anjali even? 

14. Oh, Dr. Anjali is Dr. Shashank's daughter who thinks she deserves to have control over the hospital because, nepotism. 

15. Women get pink stethoscopes. 

16. I have so many problems with this show... 

17. Dr. Sid calls his girlfriends to the hospital and Dr. Ishaani talks to her Bauji like a good girl. Quite the character establishment.

18. Why does this feel like Armaan and Ridhimma all over again?

19. Ishaani doesn't want anyone to know who her parents are. How many children does Dr. Shashank have?

20. I can't decide which character is the most annoying on this show. And surprise surprise, the two leads already hate each other.

That's all for now! And though the first episode wasn't as gripping as I expected it to be, the fact that Dr. Juhi will be making her entrance in the next episode has got me excited. Let's hope these doctors know what they're doing. 

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