Jag Ghumeya, Salman Jaisa Na Koi: 20 Thoughts I Had While Watching Race 3!

Jag Ghumeya, Salman Jaisa Na Koi: 20 Thoughts I Had While Watching Race 3!

Race 3 is a colourful film. The storyline revolves around a weirdly disturbed family of Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor). In the beginning, Shamsher Singh has three children and by the end of the movie, he's only left with one child (without any of them dying). And between that, is the whole story.

Through the movie, I couldn't stop wondering how rich this gun-smuggling family is. The movie makes you think a lot because the moment you feel "Oh, so he is the bad guy", the plot changes and somebody else turns out to be the bad guy. When you enter the theatre, remember that Race 3 has been made by Salman for Salman's fans. Their logic is their logic, none of your logic!

For a Salman Khan movie, I knew I should have left my brains outside the cinema hall but unfortunately, I didn't, so here are the thoughts I had while watching it. 

1. Nashaaa... Teraaa... (with high bass) that's the movie for you.  

But still, my ears!

2. Were the dialogues written by our Bhai? Because they were gems, just like the 'Selfish' song...

"Mere baap ne markar koi alag kaam nahi kiya, you die when you are gonna die."

"I'm angry, very angry."

"Our business is our business, none of your business." 


And let's not even discuss song lyrics. 

"Weekend ki party-aan ho rahi hai... Ek main aur ek tu saath mein hai... Aur haath mein hai tattoo.

3. Veere Di Wedding was all about Bikaji and Race 3 was about Baba Elaichi

Five minutes into the movie and elaichi and a pen which was worth 20,000 dollars (in the movie) were placed.

4. My God, the introduction to each character is so dramatic and unrealistic

They have beauty, brains, skills and whatever you say, they have everything. 

5. Even Anil Kapoor's car and clothes are bulletproof

It kinda hurt to see beautiful cars get destroyed but Anil Kapoor's car was the best, smooth and bulletproof.

5 Anil Kapoor shooting in race 3

6. Yeh kya hai... who makes up such a funny code language

Daisy Shah and her twin brother use a code language to describe that their father has been shot and that scene was both relatable and funny. You'll know it when you see it.

7. Shamsher Singh married his bhabhi?

Anil Kapoor's character broke the bro code. What is happening in the movie?

8. Salman Khan is a superman, rather better!

From dragging an already running bike to single-handedly firing missiles, Salman is a paisa vasool hero. Bonus: He also has a couple of accents.  

9. We gotta get that flying suit!

Not only is he flying, he's saving lives by flying. Too bad his bat-suit is not on Amazon (I checked!).

10. Daisy Shah is a woman of many other talents...

She's super flexible (you've seen Selfish song already, haven't you?) and she can fight against brutal men with her hair open and believe me, not a single curl was out of place!

10 Daisy shah in race 3

11. Calling all the 'bros' in the house

Every two minutes there's a dialogue finishing with 'bro'. It's safe to say I'm done with that word. For life!

12. Salman's bearded look is too funny to handle!

And he shaves it to kiss Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez).

13. The bizarreness of their Bihari accent.

It's bad enough that Indians are accused of copying fake British and American accents but Anil Kapoor and Salman's chat in Bihari is another level of fake.

14. Race 3 producers could have saved a lot of money!

The snow-locations looked fake even when they were not. They could have rather used green screen and saved money.

15. Jackie and Daisy's fight scene is only introduced to show how flexible they are, which is, a lot!

15. Jacqueline and daisy shah fighting in race 3

16. Music was the best actor in the movie

Note that I'm saying music, not lyrics. Background music is the star of the movie.

17. Bollywood thinks the only distraction from a bank chori is a performance at the nightclub     

I am not sure if it is to distract bank-workers or us.

18. Desi cinema has taught us not to worry about the hero...

The hero will always beat the shit out of everyone. In fact, the movie is getting made because a hero can get out of any situation, even death. And Salman does justice to that belief.

19. These girls always wear gowns to all the dance parties, just saying!

Plus, all the characters are always ready to dance, after attacking, after being attacked, anytime! And here we are taking hours to put on makeup and a dress.

20. Oh, look Sultan and DJ Bobby are back!

Because Bobby Deol and Salman will go shirtless and do kushti, just for you. Salman is single-handedly handling everyone in the movie, with very little support from other characters.

FYI Salman also hints that you can expect a Race 4 and I'm screaming!!!

20 salman khan in race 3

So, is it a 100 crore film? Yes definitely, it has all the big stars, some of them are partially-talented also. Should you be watching it? Bhai fans, go. Others, plan a nice date with bae or watch Sense8 on Netflix.    


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Sikander Singh aka Salman Khan says, "Jaako rakhe saiyyan, maar sake na koi." You'll survive the film.

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