21 Thoughts I Had While Watching Varun Dhawan's 'October'

21 Thoughts I Had While Watching Varun Dhawan's 'October'

I happened to spend my Thursday evening at the premiere of October and I have a lot to say. Like how Shoojit Sircar's visuals were so on-point they made me wish I had a sepia-toned life. How Varun Dhawan (Danish Walia) really pulled off his angtsy teenage character and how Banita Sandhu (Shiuli Iyer) had what, 5 dialogues in total? Here are 21 thoughts I had while watching October. It might help you decide whether you want to watch the movie or not. 

P.S. Spoilers ahead!

1. Why did I never work in a hotel?

Hotels are so amazing. The beginning of the movie with that nice little opening tune and that amazing camera work really had me wishing I was part of the hospitality industry. Look at those crisp white shirts, too!

1 october

2. Wow, Varun's really PMS-ing in this one!

So Varun plays Danish Walia AKA Dan who always keeps getting into trouble. Dan and Shiuli are in the same training class. He keeps getting irritated at the other staff and when Shiuli answers a question he doesn't know, he snaps at her!

3. But kids are the worst, I am with him on that

That's also probably why I did not work at a hotel. Handling children would have been the worst! Which is what happens to Dan when he has to pick up a child throwing toiletries down the...toilet.

4. I am feeling the sexual tension, guys!

So basically Dan doesn't really like anyone, including Shiuli. But they have this one scene where you can really feel the tension! I started rooting for the two almost immediately!

5. And I bet those flowers smell good

I legit googled 'white flowers with orange stem' to know where I can find them. They are called night jasmine, FYI. 

5 october

6. OH MY GOD, what?!

Hold up a second, what?! 

7. The movie just started, seriously?!

Shiuli slips and falls off the roof, goes into a coma and gets paralyzed. But they haven't even become friends yet!

8. I am really glad they are advocating wearing helmets on bike

Especially after what happened, safety is important guys!

9. That does not look good

Give the make-up artist an award because that is some good stuff right there!


9 october

10. Ugh, I hate hospitals

They just give me the creeps. Even in movies. 

11. No, don't go near the crime scene, boy!

Back off!! Phew, so glad nothing happened to him. That would have just been a little too much for my heart to take in less than two hours.

12. Aww, would you look at that?

So basically, Shiuli (right before she falls) casually asks the people around 'where is Dan?' because Dan is not part of that particular scene. And when he finds out that those could have been her last words, he says "Ab main usse kaise bataun ki main kahan tha?" D'aww!

13. I am actually starting to like Varun's moody character

He is visiting her everyday at the hospital and even checking her reports, helping her family. That's really helpful for a perpetually annoyed man. 

13 october

14. Good question, nurse!

The nurse just asked what I've been thinking - how is he spending so much time at the hospital when he has a job to get to? 

15. "Tum log har kaam chance ho toh hi karte ho kya?" is going to be my life motto

When Dan's friends question his going to the hospital everyday and ask him what are even the chances of Shiuli recovering?

16. Looks like Varun just decided to be an angtsy teenager

He is so close to losing his job and he still picks a fight with co-worker. Of course, you're going to be fired!

17. Was Kullu always THIS beautiful?

Can I please go right now?! Those visuals are amazing!

17 october

18. Just stick to the job, man!

So Shiuli's mom finally convinces Dan that he need to go get a job and stop wasting his life. So he goes to Kullu and gets a job. But then quits and comes back again! Seriously man, this is not funny.

19. I know this is not a love story but what is this?

Shiuli and Dan are never friends. Other than the fact that she had asked 'where is Dan?' they have no moment of connection in the movie. They never talked when she was conscious and yet, he gives up everything for her? I'm finding this a little hard to digest.

20. Okay, now I know she is going to die...

I can see it in her eyes the way she just looked at him. 

21. I think I'm gonna add Shiuli to my baby name list!

Shiuli means flower and I think it's beautiful!

21 october

October was a visual treat but it failed to keep me entertained. Honestly, it felt like a little bit of a drag in the second half. I'd give it a 3/5.

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