34 Thoughts I Had While Watching Bigg Boss On Day 15

34 Thoughts I Had While Watching Bigg Boss On Day 15

So my Tuesday morning looked pretty normal until about an hour into work, I was asked if I’d like to watch Bigg Boss. Now let me state, I am not a fan. After working 8 hours a day and trying to understand a zillion people in my life, I hardly have time to sit and understand a bunch of others as well. I mean, of course, I get the appeal of a show like Bigg Boss. Anyone who has seen The Truman Show probably does. I won’t get into the philosophical or psychological aspect of it but it is always a good stress-buster to see the misery, or happiness in other people’s lives.

Being the good Samaritan employee that I am, I agreed to do it. I started with the last aired episode on Voot. Which was Day 15 for the contestants. And here are some random thoughts that breezed through my mind.

1. All right, here we go. The things I do for work!

2. First few seconds and I know why I would never last in the Bigg Boss house. Waking up to a song? No thanks!

3. Do they ever find it creepy just being bossed around by a random voice?

4. Oh, someone is leaving already? But I just started watching!

5. So basically the extra ‘padosi’ people are going through an eviction process by the rest of the house because they screwed up big time. All right, I think I get the basics of this episode.

6. I wonder if they re-cycle all the paper they use for the ‘chithis’...

7. Oh man, those buttons on the wall are HUGE!

8. There’s a guy called Luv? Haha, I could use some of him in my life. Just kidding, I am cool.

9. Breaking things? Woohoo! That sounds like fun!

10. I hate this Akash guy already. A kiss in turn for not breaking her flask. Yeah, right, creep!

10 bigg boss - dolly bindra

11. And Shilpa wants to save ‘Indian’ people? Oh my God! Are they for real?

12. I wanna break things too...on their heads!

13. One wall has a lip illustration? This house’s design is as chaotic as the contestants!

14. Hiten!! Is it weird that I still find him cute?

15. He broke her flask even after the kiss? This Akash dude is annoying!

16. Oooh, their bathroom looks like a forest!

17. “Yeh ladki hai main manta hun”? Uhhh, really Puneesh? Wow thanks for admitting a woman is a woman.

18. Cute outfit, Hina!

19. She wants to save Luv. Haha, don’t we all?

20. Do Hina and Vikas not like each other? Oooh, enemies!

20 bigg boss - salman khan

21. Yes, talk! Communication is always key, guys!

22. There you go, from enemies to friends! I think my presence is super positive for this show!

23. Aw, bye, Lucinda! It’s okay, though, you’re going to land a couple of movies now!

24. Man, all this planning and plotting is making me yawn. The amount of thinking these guys have to do!

25. Nominations again? Hey, this is not fair! Separation stress is real in this house!

26. The next time Akash uses ‘bro’, I am gonna start a drinking game.

27. Oooh, googly by Bigg Boss! A fictional person; but still!

28. That wall full of eyes in the confession room is super creepy!

29. That sofa has headlights? Whaaaaat?

30. Walking out on the Bigg B? Who does this Akash bro think he is?!

30 bigg boss - salman khan

31. Is it possible for Bigg Boss to increase his speed of talking a little?

32. Luv got nominated again? Serves us right for trying to save ‘love’ in this world!

33. Oooh, abuses! I was wondering why this episode was so clean!

34. That was just 38 minutes? I feel exhausted already!

You can watch the last episode here on Voot.

Images: Bigg Boss on Twitter, Giphy, Tumblr