25 Thoughts I Had While Watching Hina And Shilpa Hug On Bigg Boss Last Night!

25 Thoughts I Had While Watching Hina And Shilpa Hug On Bigg Boss Last Night!

I've talked about Bigg Boss more in the past few months than I have ever before. This is all thanks to my work that got me hooked to the series and now, from 10.30 to 11.30 every night, I'm in front of the television, trying to figure out what makes people behave in a certain way. Last night's episode was particularly controversial. Two arch enemies - Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, who have nothing good to say about each other, actually teamed up against Vikas Gupta. Trust me when I say we were all shocked. So here are my thoughts while watching Bigg Boss last night!

1. And the episode starts with an argument. Akash, you annoy me so much!

2. Women, no! Be friends Arshi and Shilpa, don't pull each other down and say such mean things to each other.

3. "Botox, botox!" Arshi is so funny! Hahahahaha! Wtf?

4. Where did they learn this level of pettiness? Is there a School Of Insults that I don't know about?

5. WHATTT? Vikas planned Hiten's eviction? I don't believe in friendship anymore. *goes in a corner to weep*

6. I have to give it to Bigg Boss for his song choices in the morning. And what do these guys smoke every morning to dance to such songs?

7. I don't understand Luv's game or planning. Sidenote: Why is his name spelled Luv and not Love? Up your name game, man!

7 hina and shilpa

8. Puneesh is a practical guy. He knows either he or Akash will be evicted this week!

9. Aww! Poor baby, Shilpa is crying alone - like a normal person. No drama, really?

10. Aah, Hina! You really are acting so insecure. They are your friends, not property.

11. OH MY GOD! Hina and Shilpa are talking without an argument or insults. I've seen everything now!

12. *slow clap* This Hina is playing so smartly and then blaming others to be blamed for nothing. Hats off to her!

13. Just shut up! They are your friends later and individuals first. Let them play their own game.

14. Oh thank God! Friendships aren't all that fake. Vikas said nothing like that. He wanted to save Hiten. I miss Hiten! 

14 hina and shilpa

15. Look at this trio having a conversation! Is it the end of Hina-Priyank-Luv?

16. Ugliest hen ever! And what's with their accent?

17. Hahahaha! They threw Akash's egg into the water so easily!

18. Does Arshi herself understand what she's saying?

19. Okay, feminism alert. I'm with Vikas on this. The day before yesterday Hina went all out to fight for her egg, did not care about who she was hitting or how. Today, she's raising the same issue when Vikas tackled her. In all fairness, this is absolutely unacceptable.

20. Masterstroke by Akash!

21. They hugged! I cannot believe my eyes! They hugged. 

21 hina and shilpa

22. Did Puneesh just talk sense by letting the last three contenders go into the captainship race without a fight?

23. Okay now I'm bored!

24. Akash is back to being irritating. All he wants is his 5 minutes of camera time!

25. I cannot keep up with the planning and plotting that goes on here. Need a break! Ok bye!