‘What Do You Think When You Hug Your Girlfriend?’ 9 Guys Share!

‘What Do You Think When You Hug Your Girlfriend?’ 9 Guys Share!
Who doesn’t love hugs and kisses, especially from our loved ones? No one, right?! You know that feeling when you hug him and you just want to bury yourself inside him, because his hugs feel so special? Well, have you ever wondered what are the thoughts guys have while hugging their girlfriends? We really wanted to find that out, so we went on to Quora to look for our answers and we did find them. So here’s what guys *really* think...

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1. ‘I think I should kiss her now...’ - Hugs and kisses? Who doesn’t like them?

Aniket Kadam says… Here are different thoughts men have... ‘I love you’, ‘She’s more tender today’, ‘Let’s hold for eternity’, ‘I am god damn lucky’, ‘I think I should kiss her now’, ‘Don’t leave me ever’, ‘I am going to make you happy now’. And most likely we don’t think much but just enjoy the feeling of being loved and given a chance to love them. Men think about how lucky they are to have the woman they are hugging, in their life. I love hugs!

2. ‘No boner please.’ - Hahaha! Oh, we never thought this bothers you guys...

Lakshay Kaushik says… 1. No boner please. 2. Wow! What a fragrance. 3. Don't un-hug. Let it be for some more time. 4. Don't look into my eyes, right after un-hugging. Oh shit! You did. Marry me now. 5. Where should I hold you from? Shoulders? Waist? Heck, I'm gonna hold you from your waist. 6. Tighten abs. Broaden shoulders. 7. Even your hair smells good. Better than the whole bottle of my imported perfume. 8. Should I hold you tighter? I am not sure, I may injure you. 2 thoughts guys have while hugging

3. ‘Her boobs are pressing against my chest.’ - We’re sure most men love that feeling! Right?

UuKumue Muetudhana says… 1. I hope I don't smell bad. 2. She smells great. 3. Please don't get a boner. Please don't get a boner! 4. Is she enjoying this? 5. This is nice/ this is not that nice. 6. I don't want to let go. 7. I got a boner I hope she doesn't notice! 8. Her boobs are pressing against my chest. And countless other things, there's no single thing that every guy thinks about that's the same, but mostly guys just enjoy hugs because it's a sign of comfort.

4. ‘Am I grabbing her too tight?’ - Urmm… We actually love tight hugs!

Pankaj Parashar says… 1. Where should my arms go? Under her shoulders or over the shoulders? If I’m sweating profusely then I should possibly go for the under-arm action. 2. Where should my hands rest? On her mid-back? I can feel the clasp. Somewhere else? I can still feel her bra. I should probably keep my hands floating. 3. Am I grabbing her too tight? I can feel her boobs squashing against my chest. Does this make her feel uncomfortable? Should I back off? 4. How long is long enough? Who makes the move first to un-hug? Is her heart beating too fast? I can probably count her heartbeat on my fingers. 5. Wow! Her hair smells so nice! Her body? Maybe not so much. Is my body odor making her feel obnoxious? Are we being watched? 4 thoughts guys have while hugging

5. ‘The guy feels strong and protective.’ - Aww… That’s so sweet!

Anonymous says… 1. Boobs! The best thing about a hug, and right at the top of the list, is feeling the girls boobs. It does not matter who she is or even how big her boobs are. They are boobs. And that feels great. 2. How small, soft and weak the girl is to the guy. A weird one, sure, but the guy feels how delicate the girl is to him. The guy will think such thoughts as ‘wow, I could crush her’ or ‘gosh, she is so light’ and so forth. (not in a bad way, guys are not mad dog killer...lol). And the way he can wrap his arms all the way around her much smaller form. 3. The guy feels strong and protective. He the guy is hugging the smaller girl and offering her warmth and comfort and protection. The guy feels like a ‘shield’ that protects her 4. The guy smells her hair. After all he does not get much choice as the girl’s head is just below his nose level. And guys like how girls smell.

6. ‘Why is she touching my…’ - Hahaha! We’re sure that’s not on purpose, though!

Rayan Sabinus says... Throughout my entire hugging experience, only these thoughts have entered my mind. 1. Her breasts are pushed against my chest 2. Whoa! Her breasts are as soft as pillows, I feel like I could sleep on them... I mean nothing. Just hugging. 3. Am I hugging too hard? 4. Am I not hugging hard enough? 5. Ummm…what kind of hug am I trying to do? 6. Am I hugging for too long? 7. Should I stop hugging now? Does she want me to stop? 8. Why is she touching my... OH MY THAT FEELS GOOD! 6 thoughts guys have while hugging

7. ‘I just can’t have enough of her...’ - Being hugged by the person you love is seriously the best feeling ever!

Anonymous says… When I hug my girlfriend, it makes me feel relieved and complete and also makes me restless. That's because I'm so close to her, yet I want to be closer. I just can't have enough of her. I can't contain the love and attraction I feel towards her. It needs release. I literally want to squeeze her so hard (which I do, but not as hard as I'd like to - or I might actually end up suffocating her). I never want to let go. Also, I LOVE the feeling of her boobs squashing against my chest. Instant boner.

8. ‘What can I do to keep this hug forever?’ - Okay, we didn’t know guys have such sweet thoughts!

Sandeep Kaushal says… 1. Please don't leave, let it be for some more time. 2. Your hug is more comfortable than kiss. 3. Hold me tight. 4. Stay as close as you are comfortable. 5. Let me sense your heartbeat. 6. What can I do to keep this hug forever? 8 thoughts guys have while hugging

9. ‘Cheeseburger...’ - Hahaha! Sometimes we also think about food! *Hehehe!*

Eric Teng says… Cheeseburger… I am thinking of cheeseburger when I hug a girl. I am always hungry for a cheeseburger. You can read the full thread here on Quora. Aww… Those were such cute thoughts! Agreed, girls? GIFs: Tumblr