9 Girls Reveal… Their *Craziest* Thoughts While Hooking Up!

9 Girls Reveal… Their *Craziest* Thoughts While Hooking Up!
As much as we like sex, us girls have to admit that we can never completely switch our brains off during the process. And when we are hooking up with someone, our thoughts can get a bit crazy! If you’ve ever wondered what other girls think when in bed with a guy, we found just the thing for you - thanks to Whisper, here’s a list of completely random yet hilarious thoughts girls have had while hooking up!

1. I personally prefer food when we’ve BOTH finished, but I can see where this is coming from… *Wink*

2. Admit it. This has happened at least once. When you’re in bed...but it’s so very unexciting that you’re questioning life!

3. Been there. Done that. *Grin*

4. ‘Oh, I can totally ignore that pimple…’ said NO girl EVER.

hooking up 4

5. Expectation vs reality. SIGH.

6. Guys who don’t take off their socks in bed - WHY? It’s like your feet are wearing condoms, dude!

hooking up 6

7. When you’re having sex...but are distracted by life.

hooking up 7

8. There should be a rule about pets not being allowed in the bedroom. #JustSaying

hooking up 8

9. Because sex is amazing, but food is LIFE.

hooking up 9 So, ladies, what’s been YOUR most cray-cray ‘hook-up’ thought? Images: Whisper