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The Love Story Of A Woman & A… 9-Year-Old Boy? WTF Is This?!

The Love Story Of A Woman & A… 9-Year-Old Boy? WTF Is This?!

Recently, there’s been a lot of hype around a new television show about a love story of a nine-year-old kid, Ratan with a twenty something girl, Diya. Yeah, you read that right! I’m talking about ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ which aired its first episode on Monday and well, all I want to say is that it was bizarre. As if Makkhi and Naagin weren’t enough, Indian television launched this new show to add to my woes. Here are a few thoughts I would love to share with all of you, only if you don’t judge me for watching this show!

1. For a 9-year-old boy Ratan who hasn’t even reached puberty, it’s love at first sight with a 19-year-old Diya and well, what more can I say! It has defied logic and I think scientists and doctors should just rest!

1 pehredaar piya ki

2. Soon, in the beginning, Ratan’s parents are seen talking that how they need a wife for Ratan who could guard him. Basically, they need a ‘security guard’ and not a ‘wife’. This moment just injured the feminist within me - like seriously? Are you kidding me?

3. Ratan’s mom worrying about someone killing her son with ‘Kheer Mein Zeher’ was so absurd. I just wonder why can’t TV serials at least be tad bit creative?

4. Ratan starts stalking Diya and even goes on clicking pictures of her without her consent. For once even Varun Dhawan’s character in ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ made more sense to me than this!  

5. Okay, now guess the wingman in the love story? It’s a cockroach. Yeah, you heard that right! I just want to kill myself.

5 pehredaar piya ki

6. Diya is scared of the cockroach and Ratan being a Rajput proves his valour by killing him and guess what, Diya is impressed. Not bad, Ratan - boys, take note! This is the stupidest thing you can do to impress a woman.

7. Diya suddenly falls in his arms and Ratan asserts, ‘Aap bohot bhaari hai’. WTF? With all the other filmy (and nonsense) drama, what was the point of showing the guy as a jerk? Oh sorry, I mean the kid.

8. And, suddenly he proposes her for marriage… WAIT, WHAT?!!! What the hell? What the hell is happening man?

9. Then the story begins with Diya acting cool and teaching Ratan to hit the target with a gun. As expected, he hits the targeted ‘balloon’ and the entire family goes gaga over him. I wonder why did I have to prove my mettle with my report cards. *Wink*

10. In the next scene, Diya says she feels extremely safe in his presence and then there’s too much of touching, staring and unnecessary display of affection, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Period.

10 pehredaar piya ki

P.S: There’s one small treat for all of us in this show - Suyash Rai has a role too and he looks extremely hot in that royal outfit.

Indian television, you can seriously do SO much better!

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