Yes, Invisible Denims Exist & You Can Call Them ‘Thong Jeans’!

Yes, Invisible Denims Exist & You Can Call Them ‘Thong Jeans’!

2017 has been a year of experimental designs, naked jeans and weird denims. Our faithful, faded blue jeans have gone through some serious cutting sessions this year. Having said that, it’s only fair to accept that we could see a naked version of blue jeans coming.

1 fashion trend - Thibaut ss18

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A Japanese designer Thibaut sent a model down on the runway at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo wearing what we can call thong jeans or invisible denim, along with other unconventional pairs of pants from the brand’s SS18 collection.

This is not Hogwarts, how can a blue pair of jeans go invisible? You may ask. Well, if they have been distressed so much so that the amount of fabric left, reveals all, including the thong at the back.    

2 fashion trend - thibaut ss18

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The model wore hers with trainers and a nude bodysuit but you can style yours with sneakers and a shirt-dress or heels and a crop top. Sure, this pair is not the one you would be wearing to work or even a party but for a casual outing with friends or a visit to fashion week, it will get you just the right amount of attention.

3 fashion trend - kendall jenner walking

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As much as we love to encourage and revisit, creative and groundbreaking trends, this not-for-the-faint-hearted one, we know, is a personal choice to like or not-to-like. While many would think thrice before buying and wearing invisible denim (after all, there’s hardly any fabric to buy in it) Kendall Jenner aced a similar pair earlier this year.

The Twitterrati didn’t seem to be convinced and honestly, we can understand why,

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If you are up for the weird denim trends of 2017, you’ll find your perfect pair here. And if you are not in a mood to experiment right now, we’ve got smart denims for you as well. Go ahead and rock them like a star.

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