This Woman's 'Why I'm Single' Brochure Is An Epic Reply To *Beta, Shaadi Kab Kar Rahe Ho?*

This Woman's 'Why I'm Single' Brochure Is An Epic Reply To *Beta, Shaadi Kab Kar Rahe Ho?*

You would be lying if you said that all the 'Beta, shaadi ka card kab bhijwa rahe ho?' questions didn't make your blood boil. LYING! But thanks to this American woman, we finally have an epic response to this that doesn't require any grunts or eye rolls or vocal cords on our part.

Meet, Melissa Croce, the brilliant mind behind the viral 'Why I'm Single' brochure.




Melissa had to attend a cousin's wedding recently. She could bring a date to the wedding as her plus one, but since Melissa wasn't seeing anyone at the time, she came up with a creative way to avoid her curious relatives.

Here's what her tweet announcing the genius idea said:

An idea born from a casual conversation with colleagues at work led to Melissa breaking the internet with her 'Why is Melissa Single?' brochure. And now she can't stop getting amens from the world wide web.

She made the 'Why is Melissa Single?' brochure in an interactive flowchart style and called it 'A choose your own adventure experience'. Here, she gave four possible answers to the question with two opposite reactions to each. Here, have a look at it. You don't want to give this a miss:


Hilarious, isn't it?

Other than this, Melissa also took care of the follow-up questions, which are usually about our jobs and how the city is treating us. She called them 'Job FAQs' and 'New York FAQs' under 'If you must know... I guess I'll have to tell you'.


Damn! This woman is going places.

And in no time, the post was flooded with comments for all the single ladies putting their hands up, up, up. Here are the best ones:



Well, ladies, now you know you face this inevitable situation. *wink wink*

Featured Image: YouTube

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