#PrideMonth: This Transgender Auto Driver In Mumbai Celebrated Eid In A Special Way

#PrideMonth: This Transgender Auto Driver In Mumbai Celebrated Eid In A Special Way

There have been many wins for transgender community in India recently. In 2014, the Supreme Court rules that transgenders could opt for 'Others' category when filling forms. We have a transgender member of parliament and a judge in West Bengal. However, the third gender continues to be disrespected, ostracised and harassed. Amidst all the negative stories in the news, there is a heart-warming one of an autowaali that's giving us hope.

An Instagram user, Poonam Khinchi, shared a picture of Manju in Mumbai with long bright pink nails. When Poonam asked her about her beautiful tips, she had the sweetest response, "Didi Eid ki tayaari kar rahi hoon."

transgender autowaali mumbai eid 02

Source: Instagram

The caption read, "So happy to meet this gracious autowaali from Bombay. When I first noticed the painted nails I thought this man must have some mannat with god..so I just said, 'Itnaaa lambha nakhun.' And then I hear a sweet humble voice, 'Didi Eid ki tayaari Kar rahi hoon'."

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transgender autowaali mumbai eid 01

Source: Instagram

In her caption, Poonam shared how Manju lives with her boyfriend, but she is afraid of driving the auto after 11 pm. She has even lost a job because of her sexual orientation. "Me - with a huge smile on my face started to chat up with her.. Her name is manju.. lives with her boyfriend.
She was working in a hotel but was fired bcoz of her sexual preference..Hence decided to ride an auto for a living for the past 5 years. She dreads to ride the auto after 11 pm due to some fucktards dick-heads who teases her..trouble the shit out of her."

The comments on Poonam's post are supportive of Manju. People are saying kudos to both Poonam and Manju. "So awesome! Rock on Manju👍🏼👍🏼❤️" and "What a beautiful post :)" are some of the positive comments left on this post that has already gone viral.

We need to more stories from the community and we need to start listening to their struggles to understand how we can do right by them as a society.

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Featured Image: Instagram

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