This Transgender Couple's 'Rainbow Wedding' Is Reminding Us That #LoveWins Always!

This Transgender Couple's 'Rainbow Wedding' Is Reminding Us That #LoveWins Always!

We're suckers for heartwarming love stories and beautiful weddings. One such union we came across was that of this transgender couple, who first underwent sex reassignment surgeries and then tied the knot. The gorgeous bride Tista Das, 38, and her groom Dipan Chakravarthy, 40, got married in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in West Bengal. The two pledged their love for each other in what is being called the state's first "rainbow wedding".

When asked about how she felt after marrying the love of her life, Tista told AFP, "We are feeling awesome actually. We are out of the gender box and we love to be an exception and we think this is a strong bond between us."

"It's a bond of love. It's a bond of liberty also," she added. "And this is the solidarity of our souls," Tista's words sound so heartfelt.

She also added that for a long time she battled for her status in the society to "achieve her identity as a woman, as a human being," and now she is proud to be where she is, "I was not even considered as a human being in this brutal society."

Here Are All The Pictures From Their Wedding Ceremony

The Couple In Love


The Man Of The Hour


Our Beautiful Bride


The Way He Looks At Her!


The couple has fought a lot of battles to be with each other but their happy ending has been worth it all. A friend of the couple, Anurag Maitrayee, who belongs to the transgender community as well, said that this ceremony was so much more than just a gorgeous wedding, "beautiful, emotional union of two hearts and two souls."

This couple's transition has been an inspiration to all, especially, Tista's journey. From being into a male body to finally taking control of one that feels like her own. "Despite all the oddities and all the atrocities, I have seen how Tista and her journey from a man into a woman and her relation, emotion, love with a person with a soul whose journey is from a woman to a man," Anurag added.

After the Transgender Persons Bill passed in 2014, transgender people in India have been allowed to change their gender without sex reassignment surgery, and have been given a constitutional right to register themselves under a third gender. However, with the introduction of The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019, the transgender community has grown worried about their status of identity.

"The Transgender Persons Bill should be a remarkable achievement for a long-persecuted community, but the current draft fails on the fundamental right to self-identify," Human Rights Watch South Asia director Meenakshi Ganguly told a news agency. "It's crucial that the law is in line with the Supreme Court's historic ruling on transgender rights," she added.

While the community is still fighting for their rights, this news sounds like a rainbow on a rainy day!

Featured Image: AFP

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