This Secret Make-Up Trick Will Help You GLOW Like Never Before!

This Secret Make-Up Trick Will Help You GLOW Like Never Before!

A highlighter is a miracle beauty product whose sole purpose is to bring only happiness to everyone’s life. Two reasons to love this baby... it gives your skin a natural, healthy glow and makes your face look more structured and angular. However, what if we told you that all this while, you’ve been applying the highlighter incorrectly? Well, you could be doing it wrong if your just smacking on your highlighter.

The correct way to nail the deed is to practice the art of layering and blending. Remember, the application process is extremely important when applying a highlighter. If you use a creamy textured highlighter, use your ring finger to apply and blend the product. You see, from all your fingers, the ring finger is the weakest. It picks up minimal product which then gives your skin a faint luminous glow.

Once your done using a creamy highlighter, you have to then use a powder highlighter to seal it off. Use a soft brush to spread the product on the areas which you’ve highlighted like your brow bone, on top of your cupid’s bow, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

This secret make-up trick is a win because it makes your highlighter look like it’s apart of your foundation rather than it just being added on. While you’re at it, you could create a fresh look by painting your lips in flesh tones and wearing dollops of mascara.

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Chronologically, use these 3 products to ace this look!

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  1. Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight (Rs 1,890)

  2. Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder (Rs 3,400)

  3. Nykaa BlendMaster Highlighter Oval Brush (Rs 337)

We hope you loved this trick and will try it soon! All the best.