Only A True TV Fanatic Will Know All The 58 Characters This Painting Has!

Only A True TV Fanatic Will Know All The 58 Characters This Painting Has!

New day, new things to ponder on. This time, it's a visual treat merged with some of the best childhood memories involving television, brought to you courtesy of Twitter. Should you be intrigued (and we are guessing you very much are), here's what it's all about: A paining with all the famous TV characters you could imagine in one place. Scroll down for details!

How Many Is Too Many?

Quick question, what really is the maximum number of people you've seen in a painting? Give it a thought but before that, here's taking a look at the piece in discussion and all that we know about it. 

Can You Identify Them All?

Did someone say an artwork with an array of characters? You got it! With iconic TV characters from yesteryears in focus, BBDO and Kyoorius have made a paining with—wait for it—58 characters! From Amitabh Bachchan in Kaun Banega Crorepati to everyone's favourite Maya Sarabhai from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and 56 others in between, the artwork reminds us of a tricky puzzle piece, only, it's the coolest ever!

Elaborating about the art piece and all its details on Twitter, Rajesh Kejriwal, the Founder CEO of Kyoorius Group wrote: "To kickstart #zeemelt - We commissioned a painting with together with #BBDO @aJosyPaul - There are 58 characters from memorable Indian TV shows in this image. How many can you spot? #ZeeMelt58memories."

Speaking of Zee Melt 2020, it's a one of a kind platform which is all about bringing together the best of media, digital marketing and technology. As its website depicts, the event has a number of sessions scheduled, with a plethora of keynote speakers attending to address. With more than 300 sessions that one can pay for to attend, it boasts of wide-ranging experiences that are up for grabs.

With an event of such extent, it was only natural that the teams involved go all out with something fun to begin with, and this uber-cool painting that holds our attention does just that. Oh, and by the looks of it, Twitter folks are starting to get blown away! Take a look at some of the reactions below. 

We will be busy for a while, figuring out just about how many characters we can identify from this really wide-ranged offering, and then it will probably be about getting a tad bit nostalgic about the good old days of television. If you are going to spot your all-time favourite out of these 58 characters, we suggest you get cracking at it!

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