Not 'Mummy' Or 'Daddy', This One-Year-Old's First Word Was 'ALEXA!'

Not 'Mummy' Or 'Daddy', This One-Year-Old's First Word Was 'ALEXA!'

When movies hinted that machines will soon take over the world, they weren't kidding! A mother in the US was left shocked when her baby's first word turned out to be not the M word but 'Alexa'. Yes, we're as surprised as you are! Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon and is used in the company's bots - Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

Alexa was launched in 2014 and has been inspired by the voice system in the Star Trek TV series.

1 baby annabelle says Alexa

Annabelle Gates, a baby who is 11 months old, became obsessed with the Amazon device after spending hours watching her three-year-old brother Lucas play with it.

2 baby annabelle says Alexa

The baby's father, Liam Gates, who is a police officer in Dorset said, "We've been battling for her to say 'mummy' or 'daddy' but she just went in a completely different direction. She's the definition of a modern-day baby. We were just in shock. We use Alexa with the kids to play nursery rhymes and Baby Shark... She can't activate the device but the fact it's her first word is pretty something. We're hoping she'll learn another word soon as she just keeps blurting it out. She's become completely obsessed with it."

3 baby says Alexa

The baby girl's obsession with the word has got to a point where she shouts it after waking up to let her parents know that she is awake. Her parents also admitted that ever since Annabelle said her first word, she kept on repeating it several times. She even blurted 'Alexa' while getting baptized in the church later that day. LOL!

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