A Makeup Routine That Is Perfect For Anybody Struggling With Acne!

A Makeup Routine That Is Perfect For Anybody Struggling With Acne!

Dealing with acne can get really hard. The constant breakouts, the redness, and the blemishes do tend to play on your self-confidence. If acne is something you struggle with on a daily basis, you can seek a little help from makeup. A little bit of concealer and full-coverage foundation will cover up any active acne while giving your self-confidence a little boost! Check out this makeup routine for tips and tricks on how to cover up acne-prone skin. 

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A few key points you need to keep in mind if you have acne-prone skin and you're planning to apply makeup:

- Never skip moisturiser. If you don't moisturise your skin well, the makeup will tend to crack and settle on any active acne making it look even more prominent. Use an oil-free moisturiser meant for acne prone skin. 

- Neutralize any redness by using a concealer that's exactly the colour of your skin with a concealer brush.

- An oil-free, full coverage, non-comedogenic foundation works best on skin that's prone to breakouts.

- Set your T-zone and areas you have concealed with a little bit of loose powder to keep things in place all day!

That's it. You're set!

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