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The *New* Webseries EVERY Indian Girl Should Binge-Watch This Weekend!

The *New* Webseries EVERY Indian Girl Should Binge-Watch This Weekend!

How many times have you wondered if there is a difference between being single and unmarried? If you thought there's none then we're here to clear the air.

If you're living in India, are in your late 20s and not hitched yet, you're someone the society refers to as 'unmarried'. Your parents are constantly forcing you and aunties at family gatherings are mocking you. But fret not my friend, you are not the only one struggling with this.

POPxo brings to you its first-ever web series titled Unmarried. A story about three friends, whose life, journey and situations you'll totally relate to. The web series is a hilarious take on how all of a sudden marriage becomes the center point of everything in the lives of our three protagonists, Kay, Abby and Chirag and how they deal with it.

So grab your PJs, call your friends over to your place, get some popcorn and enjoy watching all the seven episodes this weekend. 

Go on, check out the first episode now: 

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