You Didn't Get Handed A Fake! This Is What The New Rs 100 Note Looks Like!

You Didn't Get Handed A Fake! This Is What The New Rs 100 Note Looks Like!

Attention, Indians! If you get handed a purple/lavender colour bill that you are about to hand back to the shopkeeper while complaining about a fake, kindly note that there is a new 'note' in the market. RBI just launched a new Rs 100 note that will definitely add some fancy to your wallet. The illustration is of Rani Ki Vav, a beautiful stepwell located at the banks of Saraswati river in Gujarat. 

The second I saw this new note, I let out a sigh of relief because I no longer have to fight for change with cab drivers. However, it looks like there is a rainbow in my wallet, not necessarily a bad thing, I agree. But don't you think they'll get dirty pretty quick? 

rs 100 note

The shades of our new notes seem pretty bright, kind of like holi colours, like someone picked a monopoly set and decided to make the notes.

I asked my team what they thought of the new 100 rupee note and here are a few reactions I received. 

1. Looks like an Archies 'get well soon' card. 

2. Aishwarya Rai's purple lipstick at Cannes. 

aishwarya rai 2

3. 'Neel' pad gaya hai note ko? 

4. Remember Ujala? Yup. 

5. Looks like a wrapping paper made out of stamp ink. 

6. You know when the colour from your jeans seeps into the note when you let them wash together, exactly that. 

What do you think about this development? 

Images - Mashable, InUth