This Is What Happens To Your Body A Week Before You Get Your Period

This Is What Happens To Your Body A Week Before You Get Your Period

A week before I get my period, my mind doesn't know it yet, but weirdly my body does. My body temperature goes up, my breasts feel sore, and I'm practically in a sucky mood 24/7. A week later, aunt flow pays a visit bringing her basket full of cramps as gifts. You may go through almost the same chain of events as me and let me tell you that it's completely normal. My job is to put your mind to ease and help you power through the week before chum day. So what is it that really happens to your body a week before you get your period? Let's find out!

1. Hello Bloating, My Old Friend

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You still have a week left before your period and you already feel like a puffa fish, right? Nope, you did not put on weight overnight. You feel heavy because of water retention. When progesterone drops, excess fluid begins to build up in your breasts and abdomen area. Avoid downing too many tequila shots as it will only dehydrate you. Eat fruits, drink lots of water and eat soups that have less salt and spice. The healthier, the better. 

2. The Attack of The Poopsies 

There are two common problems women face a week before their period - diarrhoea and constipation. It has nothing to do with eating yesterday's leftovers. Blame it on your period. A hormone-like compound called prostaglandins may be responsible for blessing you with cramps. If that's not the case then it's got to do with a change in oestrogen and progesterone that affects the bacteria in your digestive tract. Yep, that's the reason you've been taking frequent toilet breaks. *Wink* 

3. Why Does EVERYTHING Taste So Fingerlickin' Good?

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Ice cream, cheese pizza, milk powder, chocolate cake - you want them more than your boyfriend during this time. The cravings begin because of the spike in a hormone called cortisol. This makes your body want to go on a binge spree. Carbs get converted into serotonin because of PMS. #TheGluttonyLife 

4. Them Feels 24/7

Have you ever woken up at 2 am and suddenly burst into tears for no damn reason? Welcome to periodhood. Even the tiniest change in your hormones can mess up the chemical processes in your brain. This reaction causes you to feel overly emotional at times. So surround yourself with happy people and try to think happy thoughts. 

5. When All You Think About Is Your Bed!

You know it's time to send that sick leave when all you can think about is rolling in your bed all day, ALL night. Nope, you aren't lazy. The body is in a low-energy mode. Headaches, bloating, food cravings can disrupt your natural sleep cycle. If you have a fever during this time, it's because your oestrogen levels have dropped. This will make you feel tired and sluggish even when you haven't started the day yet. 

6. Breakouts Got No Chill

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Women who have naturally oily skin, this time is the worst for them! While your testosterone remains high, a sex hormone called estradiol drops massively. The sebaceous glands go into overdrive and the glands stand to produce more oil. The oil mixed with bacteria and dirt found on the skin's surface can clog your pores and lead to breakouts and spots.   

7. Migraines - Your New Buddy 

Headaches are still manageable, but migraines are brutal. A week before your period, there maybe a hormone imbalance. If you've popping contraceptive pills or taking meds, it's better to take it easy. Sometimes, it's important to be kind to your body and allow it to do its thing.

Go on, own those 5 days like a bawse. Good luck!

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