The 'It' Dress Every Star Will Be Wearing On Vacay This Year Costs Only Rs 900!

The 'It' Dress Every Star Will Be Wearing On Vacay This Year Costs Only Rs 900!

When you're on the hunt for the perfect vacay dress, you want it to be comfortable with plenty of ventilation. You want it to be pretty and flirty in case a boy catches your eye. But most of all, you want it to be on-trend. So, what do you do? You go on every online platform to see which dress Priyanka Chopra was wearing on HER vacay.

For your next vacation, though, you beat the stars - Bollywood or Hollywood - to it. I have found the dress that ticks all the right boxes and has everything it takes to be a celebrity fave. However, the celebrities in question have somehow not discovered this dress... yet. So, what is this dress I'm making such a fuss about? Well, it is breezy, it is all about the buttons and it is cute AF. It is The Sundress of my dreams: 

1. button dress stars vacay shein

POPxo recommends: Button Up Self Belted Striped Dress With Strap (Rs 980) by Shein

Something you don't know about me = I dream of palm trees and sandy beaches almost on a daily basis. Like my mom keeps quoting The Secret, "Your thoughts become things". So, yes, I plan vacations in my head in the hope it'll come to fruition sooner or later. There I was browsing online stores and I spotted this button-up dress on four more websites!

So, here are four stylish versions of the perfect sundress that I love and hope to Instagram someday soon (pray for me):

1. Rose All Day

2 button dress stars vacay zara

POPxo recommends: Dress With Bows (Rs 2,590) by Zara

2. Touch Me Knot

3 button dress stars vacay romwe

POPxo recommends: Single Breasted Front Knot Cami Dress (Rs 903) by Romwe

3. Denim For Days

4 button dress stars vacay h m

POPxo recommends: Denim Dress (Rs 2,299) by H&M

4. Mango Season

5 button dress stars vacay style syndrome.

POPxo recommends: Button Up Curved Hem Striped Dress (Rs 960) by The Style Syndrome

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