Are Virushka Already Planning Babies? Virat Kohli Spills The Beans!

Are Virushka Already Planning Babies? Virat Kohli Spills The Beans!

Virat Kohli is all about setting examples, both on and off the field. He's never shied away from expressing his love for Anushka Sharma and never forgets to credit her for his success. And when it comes to parenting, he wants to be just as dedicated. In an interview with a leading sports website, captain of the Indian cricket team opened up about family planning and raising kids for the very first time after marriage. 

Virat Kohli said, "I have a life. I have a family. I will have kids. They deserve all my time. That is something that is very, very clear and close to my heart. I want no part of my career being flashed into my house. I want no part of my trophies, my achievements, nothing in my house when our kids are growing up." 

He plans to do so because, after a decade of being at the top of his game, Virat has realised that adulation and success are illusions and it's all going to end one day. And he doesn't want to stay in that bubble. Hence, he plans to bring up his kids in a real world away from all the spotlight. 


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Both Anushka and Virat have always had each other's back and it stems from their strong bond. From spending birthdays together to Anushka accompanying her captain husband to the matches, these cuties are always on point. The couple is often spotted on vacations and date nights and try to spend as much time with each other despite their busy schedules.

Not only that, he also shared how his life has changed ever since he met the love of his life - Anushka. He said, "I have realized a lot of things in the past few years since I've been with my wife. Because she is a very spiritual person and I have sort of drifted on that path as well. Now things are unlocking in a way that is very difficult for me to explain to people. But I understand that I was always meant to do this. If I am meant to do this in every lifetime of mine, I will do it 100 times over. It's a blessing."

That's so sweet of Virat! How we all wish to have a husband like him...

In one of his previous interviews, Virat had revealed how Anushka takes all the important and major decisions in his life. We believe, Anushka will help him make the right decisions when it comes to parenting as well.

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