Bad News Millennials: Instagram Is Ruining Your Skin & You Probably Didn't Even Know It

Bad News Millennials: Instagram Is Ruining Your Skin & You Probably Didn't Even Know It

The millennials of today can forget to brush their teeth in the morning, but will not forget to check Instagram. It's the very first app that most of us open in the morning and our eyes are glued our screens from day to night. Most of us are guilty of scrolling through Instagram while we're on the commode doing our business, taking a stroll in the park, travelling to work in an auto and sending virtual hearts to our friends and influencers during our lunch break at work. While Instagram paints this perfect world in the digital space of people living their best lives, life is quite different in the parallel universe. This highly addictive app has not only eaten into our personal lives but has killed our productivity at work too. What's even scary is that it now has the power to ruin your poor skin!

This Is How Instagram Is Ruining Your Skin

Don't say we didn't warn you!

1. Pre-Mature Aging Here We Come!

Yes, we could be good children and scroll through Instagram by viewing it on bigger screens like computers and tablets, but who cares about that? The only thing that's close to us today isn't an actual person, but our phones. Since our mobile screens our small, the text is smaller and the hashtags are even tinier. This strains the muscles around your eyes causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear quicker. 

2. Hello Stress, My Old Friend!


We stress out the moment we don't get signal, lose our charger or our Instagram feed doesn't load on time. It's definitely not the good kind of stress that pushes you to find a solution. You sit there with your anxious face and snap at anyone who walks up to talk to you. You know what stress brings to the table, right? Zits and breakouts, of course!

3. R.I.P Glow

Have you ever felt so tired and drained even though all you've been doing is scrolling through Instagram? Sometimes, seeing a random post can trigger emotions of anger, sadness, jealousy and fear. Constantly focusing all your energy into one tiny screen can make feel exhausted mentally. When tired, it shows up on your face. The glow is absent, your skin looks dull, oily and lifeless. When this happens, switch your phone off, head to the washroom, wash your face with a mild cleanser, follow it up with a toner to remove any makeup residue and moisturise it to keep your skin supple, soft and glowy. 

4. Too Much Variety To Choose


If you're a beauty junkie, we bet you've been binge-watching hundreds of beauty tutorials a month. You probably maybe even trying those many too. Too much product on your skin can make you look an Instafilter IRL, but after removing that heavy makeup, it's bound to have worn your skin out already. If you are doing this, take some time off to let your skin breathe. For a few days, go makeup-free and hopefully, your skin will improve. 

5. Forget About Beauty Sleep!

If you're married to Instagram, forget about beauty sleep. You're probably going to be one of those people who stays up ALL night going through your Instagram feed. And the most common sleeping position you do while you're on Instagram is rest on one side and have one side of your face glued to the pillow. This causes pressure on the skin and gives birth to wrinkles and acne. In fact, sleeping on your back is a better idea than this. 

Moral of the story: Take mini-breaks from the 'Gram during the day and focus on more real-time leisure-filled activities such as meeting old friends, slapping on a sheet mask, reading an interesting book - you know, like you would do in the good old days before Instagram was born!