This Meme Will Make You Laugh So Hard That You’ll Burn Calories!

This Meme Will Make You Laugh So Hard That You’ll Burn Calories!
Yes, we're fairly certain that by the time you're done reading this, you would have definitely burned some calories because all the laughter! You see, Inedible India put up this totally hilarious meme in which they have, let's say, Indianized the famous Tinder app. Have a look! Yes, we know, it’s too small to read everything… Scroll down for the detailed post-mortem!!

1. It comes with the perfect tagline!

indian tinder meme

Okay, so it’s not true for ALL desi men, but we bet you know at least SOME desi men like this!

2. And with a special "caste" feature!

indian tinder meme Yep, even panditji would approve!

3. Oh! Don't forget about the Virgin Locator!

indian tinder meme Can't do without that now, can we?

4. And some classic settings just for the "desi man"!

indian tinder meme #SoTRUE

5. You can skip your cardio tonight after this one!

indian tinder meme Because stars and mom HAVE to agree, no?

6. Alas, some things just never change…right, girls?! ;)

indian tinder meme Been there. Done that. Images: Inedible India on Facebook MUST-READ: 6 Bra Memes That Will Make You Laugh Till Your Bra Pops Open! MUST-READ: Hello, Boys – This Is How NOT To Talk About Us With Your Friends!