This 'Raj' Looking For His 'Simran' All Over The Country Is Giving Us Major DDLJ Feels!

This 'Raj' Looking For His 'Simran' All Over The Country Is Giving Us Major DDLJ Feels!

“Agar wo mujhse pyaar karti hai, toh wo palat ke zarur dekhegi…” I have literally lost count of the number of times I have heard guys use this line while waiting for their ‘Simran’ to give them that one fleeting look of love. DDLJ has been our dose of romance for over 25 years now, a movie that made Raj and Simran the idols of love. One of the greatest love stories Bollywood gave us, right?

But hey, what do you do when you don’t have a Simran to accompany you on that train ride, dance with, say cheesy things to and eventually marry?

You wait for her to come your way by a weird twist of fate?

No, you do what this real life Raj aka Depinder Bedi is doing. He’s out there very actively looking for his Simran, all over India!

Don’t believe us? Well, check out his posts that have been cracking us up and at the same time making us fall in love with his will to find his Simran! And oh, did we tell you that he has the quirkiest way of doing so? Okay enough of us talking, now look:


1. Are you?


2. Well, apparently not!


3. Padharo maare des, already girl!


4. Come on Jalandhar!


5. Yahan toh milegi!


6. Koi nahi yaar, hota hai!


7. Oopsie moment...


8. Simran-off shots, anyone?


9. Saccha pyaar!



10. Please Santa?


11. Maybe coz the cities are so crowded!


12. Korbo lorbo jeetbo re?


13. It's all about priorities, bro!


14. Second time lucky, maybe!


15. Hmm. Acha. Theek hai.


16. When you only have eyes for 'Simran'


17. Sarson ke khet are bound to attract her, aren't they?


18. It's always the right time!


And it’s not just Depinder who is the funny guy here. His posts have been attracting some very funny comments from his friends...

1. This girl who extended her full support…

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2. The one who had no fucks to give…

Inkedimage %282%29 LI

3. Full DDLJ feels…

Inkedimage %283%29 LI

4. The ones who went on to suggest places and/or promote them!

Inkedimage %284%29 LI

5. The JIO joke just had to come in somewhere!

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Now whoever his Simran is, she is one lucky woman! Help this guy find his love, girls... Share this with all the Simrans you know!