#LoveLikeThat - This Bride Entered To Her Groom Singing Her Bridal Entry Song!

#LoveLikeThat - This Bride Entered To Her Groom Singing Her Bridal Entry Song!

A recipe on how to make the wedding day extremely special for the bride:

Make sure she's dressed like a princess...


Get her a groom who knows just how to put a smile on her face and keep it there...

And there, you have the happiest bride of all times.

When Niharika decked up as a bride and got all ready to walk down the aisle to tie the knot with the love of her life, little did she know that she was in for a little surprise. Holding her dad's and brother's hand, when she finally reached the wedding venue, she was greeted with the best thing she could have ever imagined! Her husband-to-be, was on the stage with a guitar, waiting to sing for her as she walked down the aisle. 

bride walking down the aisle

And if you're wondering who this amazingly cute groom is, he is none other than Lakshya Chawla of Shutterdown Photography. The man who has helped so many couples preserve the memories of their special day with his photography skills recently got hitched to his ladylove, Niharika. And while it was a special moment in itself, he decided to turn it into a day that not only his wife but also the guests would remember for a lifetime. Here's the video:

How sweet is that?! Aise ladke kahan milte hain? Niharika couldn't stop smiling and it was so endearing to watch!

Our heartiest congratulations to Lakshya and Niharika on their beautiful wedding. May they always have the sweetest memories to cherish always!

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