This Bride Did Wear A 'Kareena Wala Lehenga' And She Looked Gold, Baby, Solid Gold!

This Bride Did Wear A 'Kareena Wala Lehenga' And She Looked Gold, Baby, Solid Gold!

Most of us who were actively following Sonam Kapoor's grand wedding functions will remember Kareena Kapoor's dazzling golden Manish Malhotra lehenga. The younger Kapoor sister outshone everyone, including the bride! The heavily sequined outfit was high on the glam and the plunging neckline had us all swooning. She looked pretty damn gorgeous! 

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We weren't sure how long it would take for us to see a bride don the same look but we didn't have to wait that long after all! Bride Mannat Sethi wore the exact same Manish Malhotra outfit for one of her wedding functions and she really does nail the look, girls! I mean, you can't really compete with Bebo but Mannat still managed to look just as gorgeous as her. Take a look:

IMG 8967

So pretty, right? Here's another picture:

IMG 8968

What we really love about the outfit is that even though it's so blingy and OTT, it somehow just looks stunning. Apart from that, we also adore the intricate leaf-cut pattern of the blouse. It takes a genius like Manish Malhotra to come up with something like this, for sure!

Makeup Artist Jasmeet Kapany highlighted the eyes but opted for a nude lipstick to balance out the look. While Kareena went minimal with the jewellery, the bride accessorised her look with a diamond and ruby set. 

To wear one of Bebo's most stylish looks and then actually pull it off this amazingly well is not easy. What do you guys think about the bride's look?! 

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