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We Shouldn't Be ASHAMED About Bras - This Celeb's Post Is EPIC!

We Shouldn't Be ASHAMED About Bras - This Celeb's Post Is EPIC!

You know how we girls are always being told what we're supposed to do and how everyone else knows our “business" better than we do! Well, actress Saloni Chopra caught our attention when she posted about bra-shaming on her Instagram account. She wrote a really long caption explaining that she is frustrated with how girls are repeatedly shamed for showing their bras or bra straps.
“Life is like a bra” she said - and we kinda agree with her. India is a country where your underwear can also become a cause of concern for other people. It is our choice whether we want to wear a black bra under a transparent top, it is our choice if we want to show the straps of our bra, it is our choice if we choose NOT to wear a bra as well… Society has conditioned us in a way where we question every damn thing a girl chooses to do - from sitting with open legs to going to the chemist to buy a condom or sometimes even a pad...people have literally made everything so difficult for girls. Saloni Chopra, representing ALL Indian girls, has actually taken a stand for bra shaming and what she posted on Instagram is something that needs to be talked about. bra shaming 1 Image: Saloni Chopra on Instagram The actress said: “Women need to be more open about their sexuality. Whichever absurd person decided that it would be okay for a man to roam around shirtless, in his boxers, but girls can't even be seen in a BRA - surely did a hell lot of damage to our society. Did you know there are still people who have a problem with a girl's Bra Strap showing?! The strap?!?!?! ... “I honestly don't see what the problem with lingerie is? I wear it. Yes. Am I supposed to act like I'm NOT wearing it by hiding it completely? It's a piece of clothing that covers my breasts. Just like a skirt covers my legs. Or sleeves cover my shoulders. What's the big damn deal? The term breasts? Is it a girls Boobs that make this world uncomfortable? Are men THAT weak? ... “Our breasts are not our "respect and dignity". Men flaunt their chests, while girls won't even hold a bra in their hand publicly. Well... I will. I'm not ashamed of it. I have nothing to hide. Lingerie is not something that needs to be hidden. In fact, it's quite pretty, isn't it? ... “I'm tired of women themselves constantly feeling like they've to be ashamed of everything. Pads. Tampons. Lingerie. Our body. Our desires. Sex. Let's put an end to that. Free the god damn mind.” bra shaming 2 Images: Saloni Chopra on Instagram (here and here) Well, we are glad that someone came out and raised the issue of bra-shaming. You go, girl! Kudos to you for doing this. <3
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Published on Jun 29, 2016
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