7 Facts About Sex That Are a Must for All Virgins!

7 Facts About Sex That Are a Must for All Virgins!

Well, sex is often considered as an expression of love. And doing it or not is definitely a personal choice but if you do decide to lose your virginity, you have the independence to define your comfort zone while you’re at it. For that, there are some things you should know about sex before losing your virginity to someone. So girls, here is a thread we found on Reddit where these girls want to tell you few things you should know about virginity if you’re having sex for the first time:

1. The one who wants to tell you that it won’t necessarily be *special* but it will be FUN!

Homedoggieo answers on Reddit: Everybody wants their first time to be special, but I've never heard anybody say it was anything but awkward. Once you get over that hurdle, it becomes awfully fun, though.

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2. The one who wants to tell you that hormones can make you cry after sex and it’s okay...

Anonymous answers on Reddit: As a girl, after sex, sometimes the flood of hormones in your body after orgasm, or sometimes even without, will make you feel like you suddenly have to cry. This is normal. Don't worry! Take a deep breath, and curl up in bed.

3. The one who wants to tell you that *porn* is not reality

MaIakai answers on Reddit:

  1. Sex can be messy, learn to enjoy it or die a prude.

  2. Don't pay attention to porn.

  3. Talk, BE vocal about things.

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4. The one who wants to tell you that you should do it with someone you love! *Hearts*

Darkjediben answers on Reddit: Do it with somebody you care about. Losing your virginity with a partner with whom you have an emotional connection is just head and shoulders above the one-night-stand variety of sex.

5. The one who wants to tell you that *foreplay* makes it so much better!

Polandpower answers on Reddit: Do a lot of foreplay, at least 30 minutes or more. Your body will prepare you (you will get wet) which makes for a much more pleasant experience than immediately saying ‘ok let's have sex’ and going at it.

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6. The one who wants to tell you that it’s a mixture of pain and pleasure!

Sflopez answers on Reddit: My first time was a mix of pain, pleasure, awkwardness, and new smells. I learned that sex is for enjoying... period.

7. The one who wants to tell you that the first time you have sex, it can get embarrassing but…be confident!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: Sex is embarrassing - people fart and make funny faces and all kinds of embarrassing things. Do it with someone that you can laugh about it with. Also, sex is usually fun, and seldom 'romantic' in any way. Last, be confident enough to tell your partner if you want them to do something differently, move to the left a little, etc.

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You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

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