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Kalank Teaser: Things You Missed (And Didn't Miss) In KJo's Star-Studded Film

Kalank Teaser: Things You Missed (And Didn't Miss) In KJo's Star-Studded Film

Kalank, Karan Johar's latest multi-starrer and visual masterpiece, just dropped its first teaser today, and it did not disappoint! It is quite confusing as it moved through a montage of characters that may or may not have any connection with one another but at least it wasn't boring... Starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt, the film is set in 1940s India, where the British rule is being challenged by the prostitutes and blacksmiths. 

Visualised by Yash Johar almost 15 years ago, Kalank is being bought to life by his son and his ensemble of Bollywood biggies. But first things first, you need to have a look at the teaser to understand why this is being mistaken for a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. 

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Now let's do a character by character breakdown of what the actors were doing in the teaser and the information we have gathered about their role from it. 

1. Madhuri Dixit 

kalank - madhuri dixit 01

kalank - madhuri dixit 02

kalank - madhuri dixit 04

Madhuri Dixit is said to play the role of a dancer in the film. She runs a school for young girls, which is where she meets Alia Bhatt and trains her. So, we should be expecting some Devdas-style graceful songs. P.S. Madhuri Dixit replaced Sridevi in this role after the legendary actress passed away in February, 2017. 

2. Sanjay Dutt 

kalank - sanjay dutt 02

kalank - sanjay dutt 01

kalank - sanjay dutt - madhuri dixit

Sanjay Dutt's role is that of a King in the movie and he is seen with Madhuri Dixit in one scene towards the end of the teaser. The two were rumoured to be dating during Sanjay Dutt's Khalnayak, but it seems like all has been forgotten and forgiven since. While some rumours suggest that they may be playing the parents of Aditya Roy Kapur, others suggest that they might be past lovers rekindling romance (Karan Johar's speciality since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). 

3. Sonakshi Sinha 

kalank - sonakshi sinha 01

kalank - sonakshi sinha 02

kalank - sonakshi sinha 04

Sonakshi Sinha spends a majority of the teaser crying and I think we have figured out why. She plays a gipsy woman who falls in love with Aditya Roy Kapur (hear me out) and he ends up getting married to Alia Bhatt. How did I come to that conclusion? Because there is a scene in which Alia and Aditya and getting married and then another where Aditya and Sonakshi seem to be crying over their fate. Also, in one blink and miss second she is sharing screen space with Sanjay Dutt, what's that all about? 

4. Aditya Roy Kapur 

kalank - aditya roy kapur 01

kalank - aditya roy kapur 02

kalank - aditya roy kapur - alia bhatt

kalank - aditya roy kapur - sonakshi sinha

Aditya Roy Kapur is rumoured to play the Prince aka Sanjay Dutt's son, which would explain why he is on the crossroads of love and has to pick between his lover (Sonakshi) and his duty (Alia). Or am I getting too wild now? Despite playing the role of the Prince, he can be seen fighting during what is expected to be the movie's version of the Partition

5. Varun Dhawan 

kalank - varun dhawan 02

kalank - varun dhawan 03

kalank - varun dhawan 04

kalank - varun dhawan 05

Finally, a character who is clear as day! Varun Dhawan obviously plays a blacksmith who is one of the revolutionaries during the 1940s. But someone he gets caught in the crossfire as his love interest, Alia Bhatt, is married off to Aditya Roy Kapur. I'm sensing a hint of Romeo & Juliet here. 

6. Alia Bhatt 

kalank - alia bhatt 01

kalank - alia bhatt 02

kalank - alia bhatt 03

kalank - alia bhatt 04

kalank - varun dhawan alia bhatt

The most enigmatic character of the lot, Alia Bhatt's screen presence is backed by a lot of symbolism. She is seen wearing white through the teaser, depicting her purity and calmness even when faced with fire. Alia also plays a dancer in the film and can be seen walking towards Varun Dhawan in the closing shot of the teaser. Again with the Romeo & Juliet vibes!

Sigh, that's all for now. Kalank is set to hit the silver screen on April 19 and we're quite excited to see what Karan Johar has in store! 

Images: YouTube

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Published on Mar 12, 2019
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