10 Guys Reveal What They *Wish* Women Understood About Them!

10 Guys Reveal What They *Wish* Women Understood About Them!
It’s often said that women are difficult to understand, but no one ever talks about men. We feel they’re just as complicated as us, and sometimes, it’s impossible to deal with them. So what’s the solution? Well, Whisper has an answer for us. We found this super interesting thread where guys tell us the things they wish women would understand about them. So read on and find out what they have to say.

1. But how is that even possible? *confused*


2. Cool. We’ll do that the next time you compliment us!


3. Maybe we don’t want to tell you, maybe we want you to observe and find out what’s wrong.


4. ...sometimes we don’t want sex either.


5. Awww! Okay, that’s sweeeeeet.


6. Haha! We’ll let you be the little spoon, you cute little thing.


7. Well, it’s not that difficult you know...


8. Okay, we believe you.


9. Loud and clear.


10. Yeah, we know this totally turns a guy on. *wink*

10 You can find the full thread on Whisper here. Well, these confessions were actually quite helpful. Images: Whisper