Here's A Round-up Of All The Amazing Things That Happened In 2017!

Here's A Round-up Of All The Amazing Things That Happened In 2017!

2017 was a year of mixed emotions, but well, that's just life. It's a mix of black and white and that is what makes it amazing. While this was a blend of most things fabulous and some not-so-great things, we can't help but reminisce all the things that happened this year. So, we're here, with a list of things that made us happy and shocked us at the same time. You may not remember some of them and so, we, as your best friends, are here to drop in subtle (or blatant) reminders! Read on to relive 2017 in 5 minutes. You're welcome!

1. Donald Trump elected as the President

While we kind of saw it coming in 2016, it was made official in 2017 or 20th January 2017 to be precise. While there were mixed reactions, it was almost like the end of an era. Ah! Still, don't know how to react though.


Interview with Lou Dobbs coming up at 7pmE on Fox Business. Enjoy! #USA

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2. Beyonce gave birth to twins

Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed twins in June. Well, after that super hot photoshoot, we just couldn't wait for the twinnies! They were in news even before being born. That's some serious stardom!

3. #MeToo Campaign took the world by storm

A social media initiative, started by Tarana Burke, about sexual harassment experienced by people across the world. The hashtag went viral within hours and even celebrities spoke up about their experiences. Bravo, ladies!

4. iPhone turned 10 this year!

Th original iPhone marked it's 10 year anniversary of this amazing masterpiece with the release of their anniversary edition iPhone X. Still waiting to get my hands on that baby! *puppy dog face*

5. 'Despacito' became the most streamed song of the year

The previous song to hold this title was Beiber's Sorry and then this Spanish superhit took the crown away. But no complains as this had a part of Beiber too! #Belieber!

6. Daenerys and Jon Snow hooked up!

Season 7 finale episode gave us some major GOT moments like Jon Snow and Daenerys hooking up. Well, you have to see it to believe it!

7. The beginning of the year saw some shenanigans in Hollywood!

Someone changed the Hollywood sign to 'Hollyweed' and while it was hilarious for some, it was ridiculed by the rest. Depends on which side you're on!


8. JB and Selena got back with each other

Well, while the two have not yet confirmed it but, honestly speaking, love triumphs all, guys. Love triumphs ALL!

9. Australia legalized same-sex marriage!

This was probably the best thing that happened in 2017. We are proud of you, Australia!

10. India made a little progress by banning triple talaq too

This happened earlier this month when Supreme Court gave all the Muslim women a little breather! 

11. Delhi faced a cracker ban and failed!

People were happy but that stopped no one and we still had to breathe the polluted air for weeks afterwards! #BreatheEasy!

12. Prince Harry got engaged to Megan Markle

Happy endings are just the best!

13. Piggy Chops made us super proud by making a mark in Hollywood

She got the Mother Teresa award for her social services. We love you PeeCee!

14. Manushi Chillar got the Miss World crown back to the country after 17 long years!

Following PeeCee's steps!

15. Virushka happened *Teary eyed*

Finally the wedding of the year happened when our favourite couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot!

16. Little Taimur turned one

And they had a grand celebration at the Pataudi Palace last week! *Sigh*


#taimursfirstbirthday💙💙💙 😘😘

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