‘Things I Do When I’m Alone’ 5 Guys Share Their Secrets!

‘Things I Do When I’m Alone’ 5 Guys Share Their Secrets!

Just like guys have the curiosity to find out what girls do when they are alone, we too have the curiosity to know what are the things guys are up to when no one’s around them. And no, we aren’t talking about the obvious things - playing FIFA, eating pizza or masturbating. We are talking about the things that we have no clue about… Wondering what they are? Read these 5 confessions by guys which we found on Quora and you’ll know.

1. The one who takes bath with the door open!

Swapnil Kabra answers on Quora:

a. I bath with the door open. I don't know why I always wanted to do that. Euphoria-check.

b. I drink my hot cup of tea the way it was always meant to. Blow gently and drag a quick sip (make sure you make a slurpy noise to do it with perfection).

c. And finally, I can eat mangoes the way they never show Katrina Kaif in that slice commercial.

1 things guys do when they are alone - guy taking shower

2. The one who loves the internet!

Abhimanyu Mongandh Ambalath answers on Quora:

a. Think of good rebuttals to some argument I might have had, again no clue why I don't do this when there are people around me.

b. Search for weird things on the internet, of very questionable nature (NSFW, but not porn, because that wouldn't be weird).

3. The one who likes experimenting different accents!

Alex J. Pizarro answers on Quora: I try to imitate several accents in English while I’m talking to myself.

3 things guys do when they are alone

4. The one who is obsessed with hairstyles!

Vikranth Reddy answers on Quora: Countless poses in front of my XPS webcam with different hairstyles.

5. The one who is just so creative!

Saqlain Abbas answers on Quora:

a. Kicking the door while entering a room pretending to be Daya of CID.

b. Catching an alive mosquito by its leg. Afterward, the mosquito gets jailed in some plastic container and is released after some time owing to good behaviour.

5 things guys do when they are alone 1

You can read the full thread here on Quora.

Sorry boys, we have revealed all your secrets!

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