10 Things DDLJ Taught Me About Love And Marriage That Weren't All True!

10 Things DDLJ Taught Me About Love And Marriage That Weren't All True!

What I'm about to say might sound like a slight exaggeration, but I assure you - it's not. I have grown up watching, re-watching and loving Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to an extent that I know all the dialogues like the back of my hand. So as a result, before Raj and Simran say their dialogues on-screen, I blurt them out at double the speed. You now have a fair idea of my undying love for the movie. And talking of love, DDLJ is one film that gave people a generous dose of romance enough for a lifetime. Kajol and SRK became an iconic Bollywood couple, and DDLJ came to be known as an idol for all things love and even shaadi.

As a kid or maybe a teenager, even I believed in all the lessons the movie taught me about love and marriages. I thought if it's in the movie, toh aise hi hota hoga. But I grew up and realised that not all those rosy, filmy things were true. In fact, most of them were pretty BS, no offence to Karan Johar. Anyway, here's some enlightenment coming your way. I have listed out a few lessons I learnt (and then unlearnt) from DDLJ on life, love and Indian weddings.

1. There is always a 'khwabon ka Rajkumar' for every girl out there

That's so untrue, I can't even... There's really not ladies. It's a big deal to find a decent man in today's world and a perfect guy, or a Prince Charming doesn't exist. There, I said it.

2. Bad boys are always attractive

Simran is a simple, goody-two-shoes kinda girl, who fell for Raj who is basically the opposite of her. He failed high school, doesn't do any work, is a complete moron and just plain irritating. Why would a girl want to spend her life with such a nut-case? RIP logic.


3. The only person who can take a decision in a marriage is the husband

Remember the scene where Simran's mom Laajo tells her that she should take permission from her dad for the Europe trip because only he can take the final call. That's not how marriages actually work. All decisions, big and small, have to be taken by both the partners.

4. Marriages can be fixed via letters

When a friend from your dad's native country (apna Bharat in this case) writes a letter to him and asks for your hand in marriage for his son, your dad just has to agree, because apna deshapni mitti! Again, no logic in throwing away your life in a country that gave you a means of living, income and livelihood for so many years just because of a letter, but NRIs I tell you.

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5. There is no point in asking the girl if she even wants to get married to the guy her dad chose

Simran se kya poochna, woh toh bacchi hai?! Incidentally, even her nickname in the movie is Bacchi! So, without even asking if she wants to get married to this random dude her dad picked for her, she is just taken to India where she is supposed to get married.

6. Parents always take the right decisions for their kids, especially when it comes to choosing a life partner

But let's face it, this was just super untrue at least in the movie. Even though I felt slightly bad for Kuljeet, the chosen groom, he was actually a douchebag. He was a hunter for starters, a lecherous man and just rowdy in more ways than one. There was no way Simran could've been happy with him. But bauji ko kaun samjhaye!

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7. Love marriages are like battles, they're not easy business!

Just look at the amount of drama that took place just so that Raj and Simran could get married. But it's usually not that complex. All you have to do is convince your parents in a practical and logical manner. Not do twisted stuff like romance your girlfriend's fiancé's sister and break her heart just so that you could live happily ever after.

8. If nothing else works, eloping is always an option - courtesy, mom.

Hello, no mom will ever encourage her daughter to elope with a guy. She would ask her to calm down and think practically. Maybe she would try to understand her POV and try to make her husband understand the same, but would never ask her daughter to run away!


9. Leave everything to fate

Fate plays a very important role in this movie, right from the beginning. Rahul finds Simran's village in Punjabi out of sheer luck and just by playing his mandolin, he eventually tracks down Simran. Whatte wow! Then, they just leave it to fate and God for getting them married. How? It really doesn't work like that kids, nope.

10. Everybody gets a happy ending in the end

The biggest lie of all times. Look at the number of people it left unhappy - Kuljeet, his parents, Kammo bua who thought Raj's dad was the guy for her and he left without even saying goodbye. But most importantly, Preeti, Kuljeet's sister who was fooled by Raj into believing that he loved her and would marry her. That's just mean. So eventually it was only Raj and Simran who were actually happy at the end.


I'm sorry for all these revelations, but still, DDLJ will always be love!

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