7 Guys Reveal... What They Think Is *Better* Than Sex!

7 Guys Reveal... What They Think Is *Better* Than Sex!
Have you ever hugged someone after such a long time that you just didn’t want to let go of them? Ever looked at someone and felt lucky to have them by your side? Ever went on a long romantic drive with the one you love and didn’t want to road to end? There are some breathtaking moments in life that cannot be described in words - and those moments are better than everything...yes, even sex! Some guys on Whisper revealed the things they think are better than sex - so here are some of the most underrated pleasures of life that are even better than making love...

1. ‘I would rather hold a girl’s hand…’ - Aww! We hope we meet more guys like this!

1 better than sex

2. ‘Fries are better than sex.’ - Yep! There’s a reason us girls say ‘fries before guys’. You got that right!

2 better than sex

3. ‘That big ass yawn when you wake up in the morning…’ - But only on the weekends!

4. ‘I find foreplay better than sex.’ - A guy who likes foreplay? Find us more like that, please!

5. ‘Pizza is better than sex…’ - Hahaha! Yeah, pizza is bae!

6. ‘Love is much better than sex.’ - And sometimes sex is better when there’s love!

7. ‘I love making people laugh…’ - Well, we’d have to meet to actually believe you!

We found these confessions here on Whisper. Okay! So what do YOU think is even better than sex? Images: Whisper